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The Glitch Mob celebrates 10-year anniversary of ‘Drink The Sea’ with deluxe reissue

The Glitch Mob
Photo: The Glitch Mob / Facebook

Over 10 years ago the LA based trio of Justin Boreta, Ed Ma, and Joshua Mayer, a.k.a. The Glitch Mob, unveiled their defining debut album Drink The Sea. Containing now famous tracks such as Drive It Like You Stole It and Fortune Days, The Glitch Mob blasted their way to center stage of the bass music scene.

Not only does Drink The Sea mark the beginning to The Glitch Mob’s visceral rise, but to the launch of their label, Glass Air Records. As well as their arrival to EDC Las Vegas and the Coachella Stage, all due to their legion-like fanbase.

Now, over a decade later The Glitch Mob are looking back on their rise with gratitude, and even have a surprise in store. Arriving December 4 comes Drink The Sea (10 Year Anniversary Edition), a fully remastered and expanded deluxe reissue! This revamped LP will include unreleased remixes and other ‘rarities’, most excitable for fans will be Black Aura (feat. Theophilus London) finally seeing a full release.

Previously planned for announcement during The Glitch Mob’s Drink The Sea X tour earlier this year, the trio couldn’t wait any longer to share. There’s something to be said for their sentiment within the reveal, acknowledging the impact that Drink The Sea first left on fans. As well as the influence it left on themselves. In a press release Justin Boreta reminisced on that original fan feedback, which turned into the ‘lifeblood of creativity’ for The Glitch Mob.

After [the album] sat with people for a while, something unexpected happened. People who were dealing with difficult issues started to write and tell us that the music was helping them. That it was the soundtrack to them falling in love, or getting through a breakup. It helped people cope with dark times, in the same way it had helped us. These notes became the lifeblood of our creativity. Not only did it put our own problems in perspective, but the music connected us to something much larger than ourselves. We had the greatest honor of our lives — to be there for someone else.”

Giving fans a sneak peak of what’s in store, The Glitch Mob released their remix of Nalepa’s Monday, which you can listen to here! On top of the celebratory album release, The Glitch Mob have a Drink The Sea dedicated merch line, available now! Stay on top of Drink The Sea (10 Year Anniversary Edition) release by pre-saving it now from your preferred music service.

Are you ready to re-experience Drink The Sea for the first time? Let us know at Facebook and Twitter!

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