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Talking New Music and Projects with The Glitch Mob (Interview)

The Glitch Mob has been around since 2006, the beginning of many of our festival going/ concert hopping days. The LA trio uses unique sounds and mesmerizing stage production to create a loyal fan base from all around the globe. This year, The Glitch Mob returned back to Electric Forest for more surprises. Dance Music Northwest had the chance to ask the trio some questions about upcoming projects, “Blade 2.0” and more. Check out the full interview below.

What makes Electric Forest different from all the other festivals you guys play at?

The Glitch Mob: There’s a sense of community there that you can feel. That along with the presence of nature makes it super special.

What inspired the “Funks on the Rocks” Red Rock show with Chromeo?

TGM: They invited us to play and we were honored. We’re huge fans of Chromeo and it’s the best venue in the world.

How do you feel about returning to Shambhala this year, after beginning the formation of the group there years ago?

TGM: We can’t wait to come back. It’s one of the most beautiful natural environments. Pure nature immersion which we love.

What is it like touring with Elohim?

TGM: She’s one of the kindest, most creative people and a super sweetheart goofball. We love her.

What has been the most important lesson that you learned from this tour so far?

TGM: Music is a power larger than all of us that we all intuitively understand and also have no idea how it works.

Can you tell us more about “Blade 2.0” and how it works with lighting?

TGM: We’re working on a whole documentary about that, coming very soon.

What made you want to do the collaborative project with TheWaveVR?

TGM: We’re always looking for new ways to bring people into the music. The VR experience allows you to really get inside of the music. It’s crazy, we hope everyone gets a chance to feel it for themselves.

What do you think made your new album “See Without Eyes”, get that #1 spot on the Billboard’s dance/electronic album charts?

TGM: That’s all from our dedicated fan base. They are the most supportive group of people. We love them and are so grateful to be on this journey with them.

The Glitch Mob has a very loyal fan base, for artists that are trying to build a strong fan base, any tips?

TGM: Understand humility and gratitude. Put out authentic music and don’t be afraid to take chances.

What questions would you have asked The Glitch Mob? Let us know in the comments below.

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