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Ticketmaster announces SmartEvent strategy in hopes of resuming live events

Photo Credit: Ticketmaster

Our prayers to the concert gods for the return of live events may soon be answered, as Ticketmaster has unveiled new SmartEvent tech solutions. Introduced by the Live Nation subsidiary as a “new suite of technology tools” it offers flexible options for fans and event organizers alike. As a pillar of the ticketing industry, many look to Ticketmaster to safely lead the “reopening journey” for struggling venues.

Possibly the greatest new asset for all venues is Ticketmaster’s new ‘Social Distance Seating Tool’. Using custom algorithms the tool considers venue size, distance between seats and various data to create unique seating arrangements. It can also adapt based upon changing social distancing regulations. Giving venues the ability to host and plan future events will not only increase morals, but revenues too!

Photo Credit: Ticketmaster

Safe and efficient seating

While working through the challenges of COVID-19 can’t be easy, Ticketmaster’s new assets are absolute game changers. When they hint at “long term implementation” they’re not kidding, some of these tools should have been possible long ago. To kick things off we’ll start with the “Timed Entry Tool” and the “Entry Rate Monitoring Tool.” Imagine having a specific arrival time, or being able to avoid long lines in terrible weather. That’s exactly what these tools implement, enacted to cut down on congestion and potential contact in-line.

Next up come “Contactless Scanners,” finally trusting attendees with the option to check themselves into the event. Rather than wait in line these scanners will use the digital ticket on a mobile device and allow quicker entry. Another benefit of SmartEvent tech is the ability to transform any traditional box office facility into a “Contactless Box Office.” No matter the venue, all aspects of the ticketing spectrum can be handled without physical interaction.

To top things off SmartEvent tech has added new capabilities when it comes to contactless payment, mobile ordering and even in-venue experiences. Ticketmaster is adding new features such as in-seat concessions, merchandise pre-order and delivery. Not only does this sound awesome, but it will majorly restrict wait times, allowing less stress and more time to enjoy the show!

Surely there’s no doubt that Live Nation Entertainment has a large say in how and when live events return. Already they’ve proven themselves to be leaders in this contactless space with over 250 clients utilizing their SmartEvent tech. Mark Yovich, Ticketmaster’s President, spoke more on integrating these new features.

“While initially intended to help fans and organizers get back to live, some of these innovations will long outlast COVID-19, streamlining processes and providing endless opportunity to modernize the event experience. We have every confidence that the industry will prevail, and that our cutting-edge technology, local expertise, global reach and fan insights will lead the way.”

What’s your take on Ticketmaster’s Smart Event solutions? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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