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True Life: I’m Planning For Shambhala 2016

Though many of us at DMNW made the journey up the Shambhala Music Festival last year, not everyone was so lucky. Never fear though, we’re here to help. Here’s a few things you can do to ensure that you make it to the farm for some Shambhalove next year in 2016!

[divider]Getting Your Ticket Lined Up[/divider]

Note: All prices have been converted to USD and rounded to the nearest dollar for your convenience.

Most importantly, you’re going to need a ticket. To make sure you’re not scrambling at the last minute to buy a ticket to the sold out festival, you’ll need to do a little planning. First up: Save some money. Tickets for this year’s Shambhala actually went on sale last November, with the first two tiers already having sold out. Right now, you can expect to pay $275 for your ticket. There’s a good likelihood of all tiers selling out once the lineup goes live around March/April, so plan accordingly! Tickets can be found here.

Worth noting, if you’re interested in getting involved: You can work one of many available positions on the Shambhala crew and get your ticket comped. You put down a $267 deposit and pay a $19 fee. Once your shifts are completed you get your deposit back and just paid $19 for what’s reputed as one of the Northwest’s best festivals. If that’s something you’re interested in, you can find out more here

Shambhala 2016 Tickets

Tickets for Shambhala 2016 are on sale now!

[divider]Getting Into Canada[/divider]

Next, you’re going to need a passport or enhanced driver’s license to get over the border. This takes a few weeks to do, so make sure that you’re up to date and not expired. You have all year to do this, so there’s no excuse for you to be rushing to get this done in August!

Also, you’re going to need to physically get into Canada somehow. Start talking to friends who would be interested in attending with you. Make sure you at least have one reliable person to drive or ride with. But this is Seattle, so you should probably get a group of six together so that with the three Seattle “Maybes” and two “Yeah! Wait, no, I can’t” people are accounted for and you still end up with a partner in crime. Not crime, festival experiencing. Festie bestie? Festie bestie.

[divider]When To Take Time Off[/divider]

In the interest of being the early bird getting the worm, you’re going to need to request work off. Gates open on Wednesday (you’ll have to pay a $61 fee per person for early entry unless you purchase Shambhalalodging) and two of the six stages open up on Thursday (fee goes down to $31). Music plays all the way until about noon on Monday. You’ll probably want to request work off Thursday August 4th through Monday the 8th off of work, as soon as it’s appropriate and/or convenient at your job.

[divider]Which Artists You Can Look Forward To[/divider]

Ask anyone who’s been to Shambhala before and they’ll tell you that there’s truly something different and special about this festival. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s family run, or its lack of corporate sponsorship. Perhaps it’s the design of six different stages by six different stage directors seeking to achieve a certain vibe, or maybe it’s just plain farm vibes.

No matter the reason, Shambhala is different and the fact is that artists love playing it. Regular acts that you can expect to see this year or next include: Datsik, ill.Gates, GRiZ, Small Town DJs, The Funk Hunters, Excision, JPOD, Stickybuds, and plenty more. Excision especially makes sure that Shambhala is his marquee performance of the year, so be sure to make that one down on your schedule for the weekend!

[divider]See You at the Farm?[/divider]

We hope that you can save the money, get the time off, find the right people, get into Canada, and catch your favorite acts this year at the Salmo River Ranch. Shambhala is a magical wonderland of Shambhalove, amazing music, and dancing in the forest. We’ve got our floaties for the river and our Shambha-fund started. Do you?


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Hailing from the golden hills of California, Tina lives for sunny days in Seattle. With an expansive taste and hunger for both food and music, she loves all things from Celine Dion to Slipknot (and of course EDM).

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!