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Truth churns out new EP with nod to jungle drum and bass roots (Review)

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Based out of New Zealand, duo Andre Fernandez and Tristan Roake are back again with a stellar 5 track EP. Now currently residing in California, Truth has been a northwest favorite for their deep bass dubstep. Their latest project features jungle drum and bass throughout, released on their Deep, Dark & Dangerous imprint. Listen to Without You and read our full review below:

Conquering all bass music, Truth explores a new sound

Truth fans may be surprised to hear such a resounding jungle drum and bass theme throughout the project. Unlike the large chunk of their discography, this EP strays from their groundbreaking glitchier dubstep. Paying homage to their clubbing roots, Fernandez and Roake now grip every inch of bass music. They define liquid, flowing from indefectible D&B to a less-recognizable dubstep over jazz.

Known for their less-aggressive dubstep that continuously pumps out dark low frequencies, Without You is a further exploration. Lending a hand into a new sound design, Truth bends the definition of “ambient” a little more. Utilizing lazy snares and a touch of melodic bass combinations open up for a new sound.

Track by track, Without You delivers

From the premiere of the first track Pass Me By two days prior to the full release, fans wondered if the new sound exploration was one-off. However, it provides a kickstarter as they lean into jazzy snares throughout the rest of the track and the EP’s namesake track, Without You. From there the project spirals deeper into darkness, akin to their previous mixes. Eyes on Me plays as a perfect transition that doubles as a standalone for entering a thick fog, with an atmospheric kicking beat. From there the clouds open up to a drizzle of melody-infected closing two tracks, Heartbreak and Miasma.

Truth breathes a new life into their music in Without You. It feels like there’s finally an ambient sound curated for the bassheads. While there’s certainly no shortage of us here in the northwest, there’s a wider, more encapsulating feeling to what this EP accomplishes. Beyond their own music, Truth reignites a side of bass music into a drum and bass traverse.

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