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Vintage film look will never go out of style, and this music video proves it

Pigeon Hole performs live set
Photo Credit: Elena Lin

Unless your name is Patrick Star, you’ve probably noticed the plethora of vintage film (or, for the millennials in the room, vintage VHS) style videos popping up all over the music video scene. From Selena Gomez’s noir era Lose You to Love Me video, to Taylor Swift’s nostalgic home video mashup for Christmas Tree Farm, mainstream media has recently gone all in on vintage.

While mainstream artists might have set the trend, the use of vintage film effects has gained popularity amongst all echelons. Instead of making one-offs that follow the current, some artists have released innovative music videos that blend vintage effects with modern visualizers, especially in the EDM crowd. This integration of styles signals that the vintage film look isn’t just a derivative style, but a highly versatile and long-lasting technique that can be iterated, blended, and remixed for years to come.

Earlier this month, Victoria, B.C.-based Hip-Hop/Bass DJs/producers Pigeon Hole and Thook released a music video that epitomizes the creative potential of this old meets new mashup. Part motion graphics design, part low-budget footage, and 100% aesthetically pleasing, their video keeps the eye engaged from start to finish.

If you haven’t seen the video, take a moment to enjoy their masterpiece of an independent production:

Instead of contracting out to a professional production company or trusting a label with their image, Pigeon Hole took matters into their own hands. The duo have made a name for themselves among a niche west coast bass music crowd. With over 700,000 listeners on Spotify, their experimental sounds certainly haven’t fallen on deaf ears. To help self-promote their new release, Vertigo, the group created and distributed this music video independently.

As a follow up to Pigeon Hole’s killer release No Coming Back, we think this collab goes above and beyond, yet with just a couple hundred likes in the first few weeks, this video reminds electronic music fans that creative work doesn’t always receive the recognition it deserves.

If you like what you see, share their video on social media to help support the independent projects coming out of the Pacific Northwest!

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