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Hearing Loss


Hearing Loss: The Most Important Thing You Don’t Care About

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[divider]What Can We Do About It?[/divider]

Being proactive and paying attention to your surroundings are great first steps to dealing with the dangers noise induced hearing loss pose. Obvious things like how far away we are from the source of the sound we’re hearing, and the length of time we’re exposed to the sound are important in measuring how much danger we are in. As a general rule, try avoiding noises that are too loud, too close, or last too long.

typical decibel levels

So, that’s it. No more iPods, no more jamming in the car, and no more festivals. Well, not exactly. By being conscious of the impact we’re having on our hearing, and utilizing ear plugs, the risk of enduring noise induced hearing loss is significantly reduced. Options for ear plugs are widely available, both online and in stores far and wide. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option, bulk, or high-quality reusable pairs, ear plugs are available for every type of raver out there.

Also, when looking at earplugs, the most important thing to look for on a package or website is the Mean Attenuation. This refers to how many decibels the hearing protection will reduce the sound. For example, if a given brand of earplug advertises they give 20 decibels of attenuation, it will make 120 decibels sound like 100 decibels, without lessening the sound.

When it comes down to it, hearing is too important, and the ability to protect it is too easy, for the trend of youthful hearing loss to continue as it is. As members of a scene that is, in all likelihood, a major chunk of the pie when it comes to hearing loss, we can impact major change that benefits everyone involved. Whether it’s bringing an extra pair of earplugs, helping ourselves or our friends be more aware, or just using a little more common sense, all of the tools are there for us to fix a major issue plaguing our generation.

[divider]Where To Buy the Best Earplugs[/divider]

There are any number of places you can buy earplugs, but it can be overwhelming trying to narrow it down. Below, we’ve linked out the best, most affordable places to go to make sure you protect your hearing on a regular basis.

Excision: He may tour with 150,000 watts of bass, but he’s always looking out for his fans. For $5 you can buy a top-class pair that even comes in a custom case. Grab them here:

DanceSafe: Their message centers around hearing as much as it does drug safety, offering up $11 earplugs they advertise as the “world’s highest fidelity non-custom” ones out there. Find them over in this direction:

Hearos: More of a brand name, Hearos carries an assortment of earplugs depending on your ear-size, fidelity preference, and more. These will run you right around $10, and are available both at outlets like Walmart and Guitar Center, as well as online here:

EarAngels: If you’re worried about losing your ear plugs before ever losing your hearing, EarAngels are for you. These clear, high-fidelity ear plugs have the advantage of attaching effortlessly to your earrings. But don’t worry; they work great for everyone:

Let us know what you think about the importance of hearing loss for the dance music scene and if you think it’s an issue more people should care about! Comment below, on Facebook, or reply on Twitter!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!