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Universal Applications for 2017’s Atmosphere Gathering Now Open!

Attention all Pacific Northwest DJs, producers, performers, artists, and anyone else who wants to bring something special to the stage: Atmosphere Gathering is currently accepting applications for their 4th trip around the moon!

What can best be described as the quintessential island festival, Atmosphere takes the beauty of Vancouver Island, and combines it with that infectious West Coast attitude. Amidst the crowd you’ll find islanders and mainlanders taking part in the celebrations alike, with glowing smiles from ear to ear.

Last year was our first taste of the Gathering, and needless to say it won’t be our last! Everything from the music, to the people, right down to the host town of Cumberland, exemplifies what being an islander is all about.

A note wishing everybody can be foxy

Real Talk

Already sticking out like a screen door on a submarine, Vancouver Island continues to be a hotbed of creativity amidst a region that is overflowing with creative juices to begin with. Visitors from out of town are treated to the unique music and culture that makes the island such a special place to begin with. Meanwhile, locals from all over make the annual journey to be surrounded by friends, music, and a whole lotta love.

Hosting a diverse lineup of both international and west coast flavors, Atmosphere is a perfect place for any up and coming artists to get their foot through the door and into the festival circuit. Last year we were treated to the likes of Father Funk, Skiitour, JPOD, saQi, Drumspyder, and Liquid Stranger, while also discovering some of the amazing talents that help form such a strong community on the island.

Father Funk At Atmosphere 2016

Father Funk Throwing Down @ Atmo 2016

Currently entering into its fourth year, Atmosphere is in the midst of making itself a household name on the BC festival circuit, and this is your chance to help form the future of the scene on Vancouver Island!

Artist, workshop, art installation, and media applications are all currently being accepted, with many others opening April 1! To check when your window is open, visit the application page and apply accordingly. But hurry, some applications close as early as March 10!

DMNW is stoked to wind down another crazy summer right in our own back yard, and hopefully we can see your shining faces back in Cumberland August 18 – 20. Secure your ticket today while tier 2 pricing is still available and check back often for more exciting news to come from the hidden gem of the West Coast!

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