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PLS&TY dishes on tour with Elephante, upcoming music (DMNW Interview)

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It’s been a particularly good couple of weeks for the Florida-native producer PLS&TY as he continues on the 10-stop Diamond Days tour and celebrated his 24th birthday with a sold-out show in Seattle.

He’s also enjoying the release of his last track Summer’s Young featuring Dia Frampton, which is just shy of 40,000 plays on Spotify alone. We chatted with him before his last show at the Roseland Theater in Portland. Check out the full interview below.

How’s the tour been going so far with Elephante?

PLS&TY: It’s been such a blast. Huge shoutout to Elephante for having me and his team. It’s been too much fun, playing at some amazing legendary venues. The Fonda Theater in LA, Warfield in SF, and last night in Seattle was sold out. It’s just been a blast so far. 

So much of your music is melodic and euphoric- have you always felt called to that genre?

PLS&TY: I actually grew up listening to drum and bass, it was like the first genre that got me into electronic music. Rusko was one of my favorite artists, and he remixed one of my songs Rebel Love, so it’s really come full circle which is insane. 

I think my tastes have shifted more towards the melodic type stuff, which is just what I love performing.  Maturing as a person and growing older I still love drum ‘n bass, but this right now inspires me and the sounds I love. 

With my new EP, I think is where fans will get the biggest glimpse of my sound and fully understand it. It’s like a neon-y, futuristic pop, and I’m really excited for people to hear it.

What are some things you enjoy doing on your downtime?

PLS&TY: My house is like a block away from the beach. I sleep, wake up, and go to the beach and just relax. On tour it’s a lot of traveling, so off tour a typical day is just relaxing, going to the beach, hanging out with friends and having fun. I love being by the coast, anywhere with beach or the ocean.

What are you most excited for on your EP out next year? 

PLS&TY: My EP comes out early 2020. It features Sean Kingston, Wifisfuneral, and a couple other amazing vocalists. I’m super excited to put that out next year, that’s the big project I’ve been working towards. Like a uniform body of music. It tells a story, and is all good vibes. It has a uniform sound throughout which I’m really excited for fans to hear. 

Catch PLS&TY live during the rest of the Diamond Days tour with Elephante, or check him out at SnowGlobe festival for New Year’s this year! Listen to his most recent release Summer’s Young here or below, and be sure to be on the lookout for his new EP out early next year!

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