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Style Of Eye Releases Edgy And Progressive Album ‘Footprints’

style of eye footprints

It is few and far between when a producer releases a full length album. With most artists keeping an insanely busy tour schedule. the trend sways more towards extended plays and singles. However, an increasing number of producers in dance music have realized that the LP format is undoubtedly the best way to connect with their audience and showcase their talent. A full length album truly enables the artist to take the listener on an adventurous journey through sound and to create a body that is greater than the sum of its parts. In a culture that largely thrives on instant gratification, it is extremely refreshing to witness a producer have the patience to create such an intricate project. Luckily for dance music fans, we were all treated with a brand new album from Swedish-based dj/producer Style of Eye entitled Footprints.


Also one half of super duo Galantis (have you listened to Runaway yet?), Style of Eye has dropped dance tracks since his deep/tech house releases of 2003. Style of Eye (real name Linus Eklöw) went on to release his debut album, Duck, Cover and Hold, which extensively featured a dirty electro house style. Linus is somewhat of a silent assassin in the electronic dance world, especially here in the United States. Everything he releases exemplifies his true skill as a songwriter, yet his talent still demands a lot more attention than it actually gets. Footprints orders for that to stop.


In a way, Footprints is the perfect embodiment of what mainstream dance music is. Poppy melodies that those Swedes do so well, pumping bass that makes you shuffle, dreamy vocals that lift you into a state of euphoria; Footprints has it all. It you don’t like what makes a modern EDM hit, this album might not be for you because Footprints is full of them. Style of Eye’s experience in the dance music scene is apparent because the mixing and mastering in Footprints is top notch.

Standout Track: Style of Eye feat. Laleh- Here With Me


Footprints starts out with Louder featuring vocalist Sirena. Louder gets you in the groove with some awesome Melbourne Bounce and sets the tone for the entire album. The guitar introductions of Sweetest Heartache and Here With Me are a pleasant brief escape and shows Style of Eye’s versatility. Here With Me is perhaps the edgiest track on Footprints and will surely satisfy the hearts of electro house lovers. In Kids, Soso’s vocals effortlessly ride the rhythm of Style of Eye’s production and the perfect blend of progressive and electro house makes this Footprints’ pinnacle. For Galantis fans, The Game features Style of Eye’s signature vocoder and its melodic chords make for a perfect wind down to the album.

Standout Track: Style of Eye feat. Sirena- Louder



Style of Eye has been working on Footprints for about four years now and it shows. The album flows together extraordinarily well and the vocalists really come together to help tell Footprints’ story. The tracks differ enough for the album to not be repetitive but are still bridged together in a way that promotes smooth transitions and allows for the song order to make sense.

Standout Track: Style of Eye feat. Sos0- Kids


Footprints can be deemed original in the sense that many artists in the progressive house realm do not typically attempt to make an entire album with those kinds of tracks. In terms of sound however, Footprints does not entirely set itself apart from its other counterparts. The song structure of vocals and melodic chords in the build up and four to the floor beat in the drop is very similar to a lot of other tracks in the same genre. Style of Eye does do an awesome job of adding a certain edge to his tracks that do help slightly differentiate themselves from other progressive house songs.

Standout Track: Style of Eye feat. SAL- The Game

If you are hoping for something sounding completely different from other mainstream dance music, you might be slightly disappointed. However, Style of Eye masterfully composes each track and shows the rest of the dance music world how progressive house needs to be made. We here at Dance Music Northwest would definitely recommend giving Footprints a listen. Just remember, Footprints  demands to be listened to in full and in order. That’s what albums are for, right?

To listen to Footprints click on the SoundCloud link or better yet, support Style of Eye by buying the album on iTunes. Also, get excited for Galantis at Freaknight on November 1st and check out our Freaknight genre guide to get you geared up!

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