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Sugar Bytes’ Sugar Bundle Is PACKED Despite Its Small Price

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cred: Sugar Bytes

Sugar Bytes’ audio software products have been around for a substantial time in the arsenal of music producers worldwide. Sugar Bytes is known for providing excellent-sounding and good-looking audio software that has an easy learning curve and is also affordable.

Their awesome package deal, Sugar Bundle, is an inexpensive collection of all their available products to date. It has just about every music making/manipulation tool you could imagine, including powerful effects and processors that will help your mixes stand out from the crowd. It would take a couple of hours of video to cover everything included in Sugar Bundle, and even then we’d only scratch the surface. Furthermore, this professional, instantaneously inspirational bundle offers a significant level of user control.

Robert Fehse and Rico Baade are the two founders of Sugar Bytes. (cred: Sugar Bytes)

After using all of the included tools, we can’t recommend SB’s gargantuan sonic powerhouse highly enough. The bundle offers a truly insane bargain, that anyone serious about their music production should consider. Additionally, installation was easy and only took about an hour to download. It’ll be an investment for your home studio you won’t regret.

Here’s What’s Included in Sugar Bundle

Factory – A new polysynth from SB that gives you a crossfader to modulate your sounds. It offers tons of voicing, modulation, and sequencing parameters, as well as the ability to sample your own sounds and loop them as a oscillator within Factory.

Obscurium – This visually striking instrument offers organic atmospheric synthesis with eight voices. Creates surprising sequences and patterns with ease. It can also operate as a sound generator, perfect for resampling and restructuring.

Looperator – Looperator works as a stand-alone effects processor and plugin, making it ideal for any DJ or producer. It excels at smoothly looping and glitching audio, synced or un-synced with a tempo. It also offers a variety of time-synched effects and modulators.

Egoist – Sugar Bytes’ Egoist is a unique instrument that makes and modifies grooves from an audio source. The resulting product can be warped or rearranged and it also offers the ability to make sequenced ‘Effectrix’ (another SB product) glitches and effects. Egoist has a library of over 1000 drums and also includes a rude-sounding bass and sequencer. You can make entire tracks with this tool, thanks to the song sequencer.

WOW2 – WOW2 boasts 21 filter types, seven distinct distortion/overdrive effects, and additional modulation/sequencing. It also has a randomization function to help you get some crazy sounds with little effort. This additional ability helps you learn this powerful, fat-sounding tool quickly.

cred: Sugar Bytes/

Cyclop – An incredibly powerful monophonic bass synthesizer that goes hand in hand with WOW. Great organic sound that reminds us of vintage bass synths, like the Roland SH-101 or Moog Taurus. Cyclop is also compatible with Komplete Kontrol and Maschine, offering you ‘Komplete’ control from the comfort of your Native Instrument’s products.

Turnado – Similar to Looperator, this tool offers real-time audio manipulation. However, the friendly interface and mappable controls makes this device much more suitable for controllerists and DJs. Each effect can be mapped to a single control, making this an excellent stage-oriented tool. We think it’s the perfect accessory for performer who uses Ableton Live’s Session mode.

Guitarist – Excellently recreates and performs natural-sounding guitars. Also great for a producer who wants authentic guitar sounds on their tracks but doesn’t have an axe.

Thesys – This exceptionally powerful and intuitive MIDI plugin gives you precise control over the aspects of your favored MIDI devices. It can create MIDI patterns both in the studio and on stage. Thesys also provides an extremely flexible assortment of performance options which can be triggered from your MIDI keyboard. You can easily manipulate and mangle your patterns with the press of a key.

Consequence – Three sample-based instruments, along with some effects; subjected to sequenced, arpeggiated playback based on whatever chords you enter. It can also make up chords for you on its own.

Effectrix – We had first heard about the SB product Effectrix several years ago. It’s been a part of our well-used arsenal of plugins ever since. It provides 14 awesome step-sequenced effects for your tracks and the ability to trigger them with MIDI signals. It’s also easy to use and effective (no pun intended).

Artillery2 – Artillery turns your computer into an effect keyboard. You assign effects to MIDI triggers, perfect for live performance. You can use it anywhere you want without the need of a compatible sequencer. The standalone also provides some useful features like the audio player and recorder.

Unique – Another beautiful-sounding synthesizer from SB. This vowel-oriented softsynth makes analog-sounding growls and talkbox noises. It also works as a nice-sounding customizable digital synth.

Vogue – One of favorite plugins in the bundle, Vogue models a rack-mount channel strip with gate, 3-setting preamp, compressor, 3-band dynamic equalizer, filter, delay, and reverb. Perfect for mastering, live recording, and making your sounds pop! Easily adds organic warmth to digital or thin-sounding elements in your tracks.

Sugar Bundle is $499 from Sugar Bytes, a small price considering the individual value of these tools. Many of them retail at $99, so this bundle deal gets you essentially 5+ free plugins.

Sugar Bundle holds its own against other notable entities in the industry, like Native Instruments and their renown Komplete 11. It makes sense considering Robert Fehse, one of the founders of Sugar Bytes used to work at Native Instruments, before the inception of Sugar Bytes.

How do you think Sugar Bundle compares to the available music production products of today? Let us know in the comments below!

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