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The 3 Best Moments From Reign Bough Fiddle 2017

Reign Bough Fiddle 2017 at Metis Crossing in Alberta was a high decibel fun buffet full of jams. It was 3 days and nights full of dancing, quests, and comradery that left us winded and gasping for air, even as we struck camp Monday morning. If you weren’t one of the lucky few who had a chance to be a part of the second year of Reign Bough Fiddle, our top 3 moments from 2017 will certainly not make you want to miss it next year!

Techno Breakfast

Saturday morning, around 10 am, a wonderfully savory scent blew through the campgrounds of RBF. Along with it came whispers of a free meal to revive your ravaged rave muscles. True enough to this promise, we were quickly able to follow our noses and find a stocked spread at The Tower Stage with a line of well-dressed citizens happily waiting for their breakfast. The Techno Breakfast was a gracious gift by a handful of smiling individuals who just wanted to give something back to the festival, and we love them for it!

Unicorn Tea Party

We don’t want to give our readers the sense that Reign Bough Fiddle is all about food and drink, but it seems that more often than not, these things are used as tokens of hospitality. This theme of hospitality carries on through the beautiful people who put together The Unicorn Tea Party. Gathering at The Waystation Stage were a group of citizens doing their best to show off their inner unicorn through attire and attitude. You were able to enjoy a rainbow spectrum of tea options and the company of the welcoming unicorns themselves. It was a great chance to meet some of our fellow festival goers in a situation that one doesn’t normally find at this type of event.

The End-Of-Days Storm

It was Sunday, late in the afternoon. The working crowd mostly packed up and left for weekday drudgery, while the rest of us rallied for a final night of fun before we too would have to return to reality. Suddenly, a call came out that in the Northern skies was an ominous storm. As if only waiting for an announcement, the wind came up sharply and steadily increased in severity as the dark clouds loomed closer. It didn’t take long for loosely set up tents and ambitious family camps to fully lash down, as umbrellas and tent flys streaked by in the wind.

The rain turned on like a switch, heavy and desperately oppressive, bringing with it the most intense and powerful lightning. One by one, the stages went down for safety, as talk of the likelihood of tornados bubbled up in hurried conversations.  After a few hours of torrential rain, punctuated by thunder and lightning claps, the storm was subsiding. Not wanting to miss a beat, the intrepid Tower Stage came back online. Hindered by their encounter with the storm, they were unable to use their lights, and so the dance floor was lit only by the dim light of the DJ booth.

It was a surreal, yet intense scene at The Tower. Throbbing beats clashed with natural thunder breaks and the people seeped back onto a darkened dance floor. And then, the lighting picked up. . .

Partying in the ferocious nature at the tower was a great way to wrap up this magical weekend. Thank you Reign Bough Fiddle for for bringing the beat, and thank you Metis Crossing for bringing the boom!

Did you make it out too? What were your most magical moments at Reign Bough Fiddle? Let us know in the comments!

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