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5 remixes of classic Christmas songs for getting into the holiday spirit

Christmas Music- With An Electric Twist

Don’t look now, but it’s officially the Christmas season! The trees are up and covered with bright lights and ornaments, snow comes and goes, Santas loiter at the malls, and the holiday festivities are in full swing. And the music. Let’s talk about the music.

Music may be the best way to get people in the mood for holidays, but hearing Frosty The Snowman and Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You over and over again, for a month, can be tiring — just ask science. As timeless as tunes like these are, sometimes they need a little updating. You know, to keep things fresh. Who better to do that then the electronic dance music community?

Not your ordinary Christmas carols, these EDM holiday tracks are sure to bring holiday cheer AND get booties shakin’. Take a listen!

A little local flavor to kick things off, we begin with Bandit. The first few seconds are pretty mellow. You have Jingle Bells being played on an instrument. But at the 55 second mark…that’s when the fun starts to kick in!


Major Lazer brings a little reggae flavor to the holidays with this chill tune. Can’t understand what the vocalist, rapper Proteje, is saying 99% of the time, but hey, it works!


Snowmen can’t twerk, but if they could, they would probably break their backs to this song.


Snowmen would probably twerk to this song too, as 4B adds a little Deck The Halls twist to Drop It Again.


A groovy, festive Kaskade Christmas song? Sure!


Cascada is no Mariah, but her take on this Christmas classic is a jolly, up-tempo treat.

What EDM holiday song is your favorite? What songs should we add to our list? Drop a comment and let us know!

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1 Comment

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