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7 Reasons Why Camping Music Festivals Are Better

Many music festivals are slowly moving toward and adding on camping as an option. Local successes like Paradiso, Bass Coast, and Shambhala all offer camping during the duration of the festival. We are here to break down why camping festivals are the preferred options nowadays. Here are some of the best advantages of camping festivals.

  1. Spend more time with friends. Going to a festival with your friends is fun. You are at the same stage and venue with your buddies, but being able to stay with them the whole time from start to finish is a whole different story. At camping festivals, you have the chance to spend more time with your crew on the campground, from grilling up burgers to drinking some beers before and after the show. No need to go to another hotel to find that other group of friends, they are all in one spot at a camping festival.
  2. Make new friends. We all have met a new friend or even a soulmate at a festival. A great place to do that is at the campgrounds. You never know who your neighbors are and they might become one of your future lifelong friends.
  3. No designated driver needed. One conversation that the whole crew hates having is who needs to stay sober to drive everyone home at the end of the festival. With a camping festival, that is one conversation that your group does not need to have. You pretty much wake up at the festival, no car needed, just your feet.
  4. It’s an experience. Many people will tell you camping at a festival is fun. It is more than just fun, it is an experience. Of course, there are downsides to camping such as not so nice bathrooms and bugs, but camping at a festival really brings the festival itself to another light. You are away from civilization (not locked up in a hotel room), and surrounded by music and people that appreciate the same thing as you. Being in the environment is not something that comes often.
  5. Pre-parties. Usually the night before the festival there are huge parties, such as up and coming DJ showcases and silent disco at Paradiso. A great opportunity to see what up-and-coming DJs are working on and hear some talented DJs that you probably have never heard about.
  6. After parties. After the festival is over, no need to find a party to go because the whole campsite is a party of its own. Everyone at festivals is usually pretty friendly and welcoming if you ask us. Just wander to where the music is coming from and join in on the party.
  7. Camping with friends is fun. Last but not least, camping with people you love is great. Whether you are an outdoorsy person or not, camping at a festival is different than going in the middle of nowhere and setting up a tent.

We asked they answered. Camping at EDC Las Vegas is officially available and on sale. EDCLV is offering tent camping and RV camping this year for the three-day festival. You can find more information about EDCLV camping here.

What are your thoughts on the camping options at EDC Las Vegas and other festivals? Let us know in the comments below!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!