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Shambhala Music Festival - The Village Stage
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DMNW Selects: Our all-time favorite recorded sets from The Village at Shambhala

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Our love, and appreciation, for The Village stage at Shambhala Music Festival is no secret. The blend of bass enjoyed each summer at The Village is the stuff of legend. These sets, and others like them, are a major reason why.

The annual release of recorded live-sets that follows each fall following Shambhala fuels future-attendees year round. Collections of full and partial sets, both those from artists and fans, are available on a variety of platforms. We’ve been collecting them for a few years now, looking back on past performances from stages like The Village on a regular basis.

The talented artists and their incredible sets, combined with the one-of-a-kind atmosphere at The Village, make for a unique and unforgettable experience for fans and DJs alike. The blend of nostalgia that attendees are infected with via PK Sound calls us back year after year. That’s not an accident.

The stage has been home to countless sets that showcase why it’s such a special place. Luckily, more than a few of those performances have made their way to the interwebs.

While we’re looking forward to what the remodeled version of The Village will bring us in 2020, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of our favorite live-sets from the stage currently on the internet. Our list features official, full sets from artists or the festival itself. We’ve included some honorable mentions as well, from unofficial releases and partial sets.  They’re in no particular order, and should all be listened to over and over again.

Subvert in 2011

It’s no coincidence that The Village’s stage director, and CEO of PK Sound, Subvert made this list. If anyone knows how to put on a show at the festival’s bassiest stage, it’s Subvert. His sets are can’t miss for bass heads at Shambhala each year, but his set from 2011 is our favorite.

Stylust in 2015

Everyone has a favorite Stylust set. The Shambhala-regular has graced both The Village and The AMPhitheatre in the past, and this set from 2015 stands out as one of his best.

Excision in 2014

Excision’s Shambhala live-sets are one of the reasons many attendees purchase their tickets each year. The Canadian has performed at The Village nearly a dozen times, and he delivers each and every year. There’s no wrong choices when it comes to a favorite Excision set from Shambhala, and ours is the Destroid-filled performance from 2014.

ill.Gates in 2013

A Shambhala with ill.Gates is infinitely better than one without the brand of bass the Canadian brings to The Farm. Luckily, he’s around a fair bit, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sub Focus in 2016

Sub Focus’s set in 2016 was everything fans of drum and bass could ask for, and was thankfully captured in amazing quality by the folks at Shambhala. If there’s one set to show others considering checking out what Shambhala’s bassiest stage has to offer, this performance is it.


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Born and raised in the Northwest, professionalized in Pullman. Enjoying the ride that dance music provides in our lovely corner of the country.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!