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Alan Walker delivers a follow-up music video for ‘Alone’

Screenshot from Alan Walker's follow-up music video Alone, Pt. II
Screenshot from Alan Walker's Alone, Pt. II

Feast your eyes upon the top music videos of the week, including Alan Walker’s follow-up music video to his 2016 release: Alone.

Refusing to fall into a holiday lull, we present to you a delicious platter of new videos to sample. Start your meal off right, with a dramatic adventure story, settle in for some straight up eye candy, and take home at least 3 minutes of meme-worthy material.

Oh – and did we mention there’s a special locals only feature this week? Keep reading to discover an underground sound that deserves repeat listens.

Get it while its hot!

1. Alan Walker & Ava Max – Alone, Pt. II

Alone, Pt. II runs away with the #1 spot this week. Following up on his hit song, Alone, the British-Norwegian star Alan Walker continues riffing on a classic coming of age theme which everyone can relate to. Stepping out into the world young and alone, we must all overcome obstacles to finally find our tribe.

The music video for Alone was released in December of 2016 (and has amassed nearly one billion views in the past two years). Unarguably a global sensation, it featured a mysterious band of young people referred to as “Walkers” using the internet as a way to find one another and eventually unite. The unexpected follow up, Alone, Pt. II, follows the journey of an archeologist who makes a mystifying discovery. Perhaps this discovery is the very thing that united all of those “Walkers” back in 2016.

We won’t spoil the ending, so watch to find out what has been uncovered!

2. Martin Garrix, Matisse & Sadko – Hold On

If you’ve already seen the live footage from Martin Garrix’s The Ether at Amsterdam Dance Event 2019, then this video might not blow your mind. For the rest of us – wow. In traditional EDM style, this music video turns concert footage into a hype reel, but the content has us totally captivated.

Imagine an infinite budget for lights and visuals. What would you cook up? We doubt it compares to an entire ceiling covered with LEDs. Luckily for us, someone out there had a budget big enough to execute that dream. For EDM fans living in the Northwest United States, Amsterdam was pretty far from home. Thanks to the magic of the internet, we get to experience this jaw-dropping production right from our seats. Cowabunga.

3. Marshmello – Find Me

Adults: exit stage right. Gen Z: welcome. This one’s for you.

If you’ve ever wanted to see Marshmello perform a live set from the top of a floating cheeseburger while volcanoes erupt in the background, look no further. If not, well, just because we didn’t ask for it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it.

The “Official Music Video” for Find Me was released in August of 2017. The new “Fortnite Music Video,” adds another follow-up music video to our list. It tells the same story as the original but features animated characters and even more viral dance moves. We can’t help but wondering if this is a remake of the live-action version or if it actually served as reference footage for the official video. Give it a look and decide for yourself.

4. Soular System – Go Viral

Okay – enough global superstars for one day. This next video comes from California-based Soular System, an independent collective making punchy beats from their home studio in Long Beach.

This low-budget video uses a clever concept to drive home the message of their music. Showing a couple of dudes riding around on a carousel while checking their phones, the metaphor for the way technology sucks us into an endless spiral is hard to miss.

With less than 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, this relatively unknown group deserves huge props for their inventive sound.

If you like what you hear, let them know! Send an email to and spread the local love.

If you missed last week’s music video roundup, click here to check it out. Till next time, music video enthusiasts!

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