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Andrew Bayer Captivates Listeners With Latest Album, ‘In My Last Life’

On Friday August 24 Andrew Bayer released his third studio album In My Last Life. It has been five years since his most recent album, If It Were You, We’d Never Leave. In those five years Bayer collaborated with Above & Beyond on two full studio albums and two solo EP’s. Whenever he had free time he was working on his new masterpiece, In My Last Life.

In My Last Life has an unmistakable trance identity. The album simultaneously incorporates elements of experimental EDM, deep house, and trip hop. Andrew Bayer requested to have an album featuring all extended mixes. This decision created an album that provides a full story, a beginning and an end. 

Andrew Bayer worked with Norwegian lyricists Ane Brun and Alison May to create In My Last Life. Their hard work shines; this album will soothe an anxious soul and help you focus on what is most important. It is a work of art with selections that are personal and dear to the heart. When listening to this album you can feel the passion that was put in it. We are freaking out over the joy that is bursting from In My Last life.

Two standout tracks are Immortal Lover, and End of All Things. The lyrics in Immortal Lover are edited in a cryptic way, it’s almost haunting. Alison May is talking to us like a ghost from the grave. In attempts to understand the full lyrics, please follow this link.

The song Immortal Lover is a love story between two people. One of them dies and becomes the Immortal Lover, and the other becomes a widow. The widow is lonely and searches for a relationship to feel complete. Select lyrics point to the widow moving onto another relationship, “I knew that you’d move on,” and “You had an empty bed.”

The final song on the album, End of All Things, creates goosebumps every time we hear it. It explains the hardships when coping with the death of a loved one. End of All Things, is about cherishing and celebrating life as it ends. Death is generally a bad thing, but in this song we confront death. We reflect on the glory we achieved and our failures. It’s an interesting take on life and death.

Andrew Bayer will be touring in Seattle and Portland to celebrate the release of In My Last Life. Spencer Brown, an up and coming Anjunabeats artist, is the support for both of these shows. Seattle is on December 13 and the tour concludes in Portland on December 15. Andrew Bayer will have club mixes of the album ready for us! Will you be joining us at either of these shows?


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!