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The Life Inside The Music : Super8 & Tab (Artist Exploration)

Approaching the home-stretch of what has been nine straight months of touring, it is amazing to hear that both Miika (Super8) and Janne (DJ Tab) still have any speck of energy left in them. Last February marked the beginning of their globe-trotting 2013 schedule, hitting up both intimate clubs and massive festivals alike. But for the world-renowned trance combo, Super8 & Tab, every show is incredible in its own right; the chance to play out their own originals, remixes, and some favorites by other artists is the payoff for all the hard work that goes into their studio sessions. To see the pure joy and happiness that music – their music, specifically – brings to the crowd makes their demanding lifestyle all worthwhile. The duo sees this resounding energy the most, though, while on their US Tour stops:

[quote style=”1″ author=”Super8 & Tab”]The US scene has this enthusiasm that you don’t find elsewhere. Clubs and production-wise, it’s generally always good, really good or perfect, so every time you go out you know it’s going to be great.[/quote]

Far from their Finland homesteads, the duo have traveled farther and wider than most of us will in a lifetime. And never is it an easy-flowing schedule through one continent and on to another; at one point, Super8 & Tab jumped from Vancouver, B.C. to Singapore – then immediately to their hometown of Helsinki, only to pack right back up and head to Los Angeles. And even though the fans make their sleepless, jet-lagged woes float away, it can be a bit burdening. Thankfully, the guys have picked up some pro-traveling tips along the way:

[quote style=”1″ author=”Super8 & Tab”]The hardest and most time consuming part of this profession is traveling, so there’s few things that help on the way: Get a new book, fill your iTunes with films and TV series, and make sure you have an eye mask and earplugs.[/quote]

When the duo does get some downtime in their maddening schedule, they opt to hit the studio as frequently as possible. Their last release, The Way You Want, was a rapid success upon its release this past summer, and was even chosen as Above&Beyond’s “Record Of The Week” in their Group Therapy #040 Episode. And as of late, we’ve been seeing little hints dropped via their social media outlets that there is an abundant supply of new music coming our way very soon. Although they will not reveal all of their “mystery guests” they are currently in the works with, they did drop one name that we were beyond-thrilled to hear:

[quote style=”1″ author=”Super8 & Tab”]We’ve been in the studio with lots of songwriters and producers lately, but one session that was the most creative and fun we’ve ever had was with BT. He came to Helsinki just to work in the studio with us and we did a straight, 18-hour session with him. The result is something we are really happy about.[/quote]

Miika and Janne like to do a little listening themselves, as well. Some of their current favorites include the major-talent Mat Zo, whose powerhouse original Pyramid Scheme frequently makes the duo’s DJ sets. Also streaming inside their headphones while on the road or in the air are Andrew Bayer and Arty, solidifying the fact that Super8 & Tab have excellent judgment in their musical selections. Their weekly podcast, Super Tab Radio, is leaps and bounds above most other stations, due to the fact that they are constantly travelling and discovering the best in trance and progressive house the world and it’s artists have to offer.

Nothing could make these two more modest and appreciative for their decade of musical success than they already are – that is, until both Miika and Janne both turned into proud fathers this past summer. Taking an entirely new perspective on their careers and the value of their families, the guys are overjoyed and eager to make their chaotic lives fit to the needs of their newborns, even if it means taking more than one day’s rest in-between a long stretch of gigs. And so far, both seem profoundly humbled by the new experience in their lives:

[quote style=”1″ author=”Super8 & Tab”]It’s amazing, really amazing and once again more amazing than anything else. Watching them grow and learn new things and feeling them to getting attached to you. Unbelievable.[/quote]

Super8 & Tab - Promo Shoot

Before both guys and their families resort to Spain for the winter, leaving behind a frigid Finland until the turn of the year, the duo has a few more stops before their relaxing finale. One of which, luckily for us, is their Seattle stop at Foundation Nightclub on November 23rd. Having played there once before, the club has since then re-vamped the electronic scenery with new LED’s and more. After hearing of their positive experiences in the US, we wanted to know if Seattle stood out to them specifically:

[quote style=”1″ author=”Super8 & Tab”]We have always had a really good response in Seattle and last time was one of the best gigs on our tour, so we are super excited to come back. We’ve had a little time [to] go and explore the city and it’s nice place to wander around. Go to the fish market and talk to nice people. That’s a good place.[/quote]

Super8 & Tab - Foundation Nightclub (10-17-2012)

Super8 & Tab are some of electronic dance music’s founding fathers of our generation; they are the connection between past and present, and stay true to the trance tradition as they progress in their sound with every release. Since coming together in 2005, the duo has come such a long way and with good intention: to keep trance forever alive. Their live shows are always a set to be treasured, and we are eagerly awaiting to see what they have in store for Seattle next week. Luckily for you, we are sharing with you a special chance to see them for free! Enter our giveaway below, but get your tickets as well.. this is sure to be one top-notch, sell-out show that is going to be a major 2013 highlight.

You can download any and all episodes of the Super Tab Radio Podcast via iTunes.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!