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Diving In With the Anjunabeats Tour (Exclusive Interview)

Anjunabeats Tour 2016 - Lucky

It’s always a pleasure chatting with a DJ doing big things. What’s even better though is talking to a whole tour’s worth of artists, and that’s exactly what we did with the Anjunabeats Tour leading into their big weekend here in Seattle. It’s a conversation made even more relevant by the rising tide of trance here in the Northwest, marked by the recent announcement of our city’s first ever large-scale event for the genre.

Before we get to our trance paradise, we’re going to be treated to an entire stage devoted to the Anjunabeats Tour at Lucky this weekend. Packed with some of biggest names the genre has to offer, it’s a group of DJs constantly in demand here in the PNW. Those names include Ilan Bluestone, Arty, Jason Ross, and Grum, all of whom found the time to talk to us pre-Lucky. We got tons of details about what we can expect once they all take the stage at the End of the Rainbow, so just click each artist below to find out what they had to say!

Photo Credit: Turk Photos

Photo Credit: Turk Photos

What’s been your favorite memory from the Anjunabeats Tour?

Hanging with the boys has been a ton of fun. I toured alone for most of last year so having a really amazing crew this time around has made everything so much more enjoyable. Also, I’ve found a lot of inspiration making music on the road over the course of the tour. Have some top notch new tunes I’m really excited to release.

What are your thoughts on the resurgence of trance brought on by festivals like Dreamstate?

Trance never died and never will! It just keeps getting better. Dreamstate is proof of this :).

Jason Ross - Rukes

Photo Credit: Rukes

What’s been your favorite memory from the Anjunabeats Tour?

My favorite memory from the tour so far was playing at Exchange (in LA) and having Ilan and Andrew come out for the end of my set. We were all rocking out together and the crowd was loving it!

What’s next for your career plans in 2016?

Lots of more shows after this tour that I’m very excited about. Also have plenty of new tracks that I’ve been road-testing – so excited to finally release them!

Arty releases a brand new episode of 'Together We Are' featuring an exclusive guest mix from Inpetto.

Your own sound as evolved in a big way over the last couple years. What’s brought on that change in your musical style?

I think it all comes down to personal preference, just like anyone has. Maybe back in the days you were into trance so you listened to it all the time, but nowadays you like hip-hop more, so you listen to that. For artists it’s different because we obviously actually make the music, but it all comes down to what you are into yourself. Back in the days I was super excited about trance, but nowadays that has shifted towards more poppy / progressive music, so now I produce that.

What is it about the Northwest that keeps bringing you back?

The Northwest is so beautiful! I love it there so that’s a big part of the reason and people seem to like my music over there so I guess as long as the bookings keep coming in, I’ll keep going there. Also, since I live in L.A now, it’s nice to have a gig that’s not on the other side of the world.

Grum - Anjunabeats Tour

What’s been your favorite memory from the Anjunabeats Tour?

Overall, the tour has been awesome (still a few dates to go!), but my favorite show was definitely Montreal. Such energy in the crowd, and they really got into the more progressive sound I play.

Where do you see the trance genre headed in the next year?

This may be wishful thinking but I really think it’s only going to grow. That sound and feeling has been missing from the mainstream of electronic music for too long, and is well overdue a return to prominence.

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