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ASOT Co-Host Ruben De Ronde on American vs. Euro Trance (Interview)

The trance scene in America, just like the genre itself, is evolving. Dreamstate Socal, Bliss: Transcendence, and other trance massives that were held stateside this year serve as testaments to the increased popularity of the emotional–and sometimes psychedelic–side of electronic dance music. When discussing the current state of trance, who better to talk to than Ruben De Ronde, the co-host of Armin van Buuren‘s iconic A State of Trance radio show?!

An accomplished DJ/Producer/Record Label owner from the Netherlands, Ruben De Ronde is currently touring America for the first time in his career. We were able to chat with him after Dreamstate Socal debut where he took to the main stage, delivering chill vibes and hard-hitting beats that left us wanting more!

DMNW: It’s been a big year for you. Your debut album, My Story, released in January. You worked with Rodg on another album (Togetherr). You just released a new single with Rodg (Intergalactic) and you’re close to the 850th episode of ASOT. Huge achievements! What has this year been like for you?

Ruben De Ronde: This year has been off the charts! If every year, from now on in my career can be like this, I would sign up for it- straight away. Especially the Dreamstate shows in America- this is actually the first year I’m touring in America as well. To be apart of EDC, and the cherry on top, this festival (Dreamstate) is mind-blowing.

DMNW: You said this is your first time touring in America. What has this experience been like so far?

Ruben De Ronde: Amazing. Amazing. Whether it’s the East or the West coast, it doesn’t matter. Everybody’s so positive. I know my sound is not the trance, uplifting sound, but still, people embrace it and I’m really happy about that.

DMNW You do a lot of shows in Europe. How does our (trance) scene in North America compare to the scene in Europe?

Ruben De Ronde: It sounds cheesy, but what I love here is the rave culture. The kandi and stuff, it’s amazing. You see the people prepare for a long time to go to a show like this. Obviously, it cost a lot of money. Most of the people that are here are from all around the country, so they have to invest their time to buy a plane ticket, to get the hotel, to get the tickets here, drinks, and everything. So it’s quite a dedication to go to a festival.

What I see also on the dance floor is people are having so much fun together- whether you know them or not. I’m pretty sure that everybody who walks out here has made new friends. That’s what I love so much about events like this.

DMNW: California. What do you think?

Ruben De Ronde: The funny thing is I did some club shows in the past. After that, I only did the big shows: Dreamstate San Francisco, this one, Beyond Wonderland. I hope next year I get to experience some club shows because they’re more intimate and some longer sets- instead of one hour. But, in general, the California crowd is probably the most educated, of the states. (He also praises New York and San Francisco!)

Ruben De Ronde tells us he was a big Seattle Supersonics fan growing up as a youth in the Netherlands. (Photo: Getty Images)

When asked about a Pacific Northwest debut, Ruben says it’s up to the promoters. He does hold Seattle in high regards, revealing his love of the Emerald City’s beauty…and his childhood love of the Seattle Supersonics. “I had a big Shawn Kemp poster in my room,” Ruben laughs.

Before departing for the night, Ruben had one tip for aspiring artists here in the Pacific Northwest, and beyond: be yourself. “Be yourself, have your own sound, be positive, radiate positive energy and just work hard. Create your own identity.”

You can catch Ruben, in action, each Thursday on ASOT. As he continues to make a name for himself in America, we can’t wait to see what material he releases next!


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Dance Music NW will notify you when there is breaking news in the Pacific Northwest nightlife industry.