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Lane 8, Zhu, I_O and Alpha 9 are here with new music to help you Smile

It’s hard work, but throughout 2020 we’ve done our best to remain positive; it would be pessimistic to think that we have fought this battle alone. The Anjunabeat’s single All In, with the chorus, “ we are all in this together,” has quickly become our solace.

Our battle was no different this past week and we want to acknowledge the new music that helped us persevere. On May 15 Lane 8, I_O, Alpha 9 and Zhu officially released new music under their discographies.

Lane 8 released his 16th song of 2020. I_O hacked Mau5trap vocalist Lights, used an acapella, and then made Annihilation. Alpha 9 AKA Arty is pushing the boundaries of his progressive trance alias. Lastly Zhu shocked us with a deep, soulful R&B single.

I_O – Annihilation feat Lights
What’s new in this one for I_O? Well, this is the first time I_O’s production features a duet. Who are the credited singers and producers? No other than I_O and Lights. Annihilation is a clean compromise between I_O’s heavy techno and his melodic sounds.

Zhu – Only feat Tinashe
Yes, we think this song has reached R&B territory, but we don’t think that Zhu has lost his identity. Zhu’s production and instrumental is especially felt during vocalist Tinashe’s verse at 1:35. The genre comes down to an interesting hybrid of house and r&b.

Zhu holds onto his identity. The vibe echoed from the guitar melody is so Zhu. The same sound is found all over his second studio album, Ringo’s Desert. Vocalist Tinashe is also no amateur. She boasts 4.2 million monthly Spotify listeners, the exact same monthly as Zhu.

Lane 8 – Out of Sight
A full length album and three singles means 16 total releases in 2020 for Lane 8. More music means more time to experiment with different sounds. Out of Sight is far from the house bangers that Lane 8 has familiarized himself with.

Out of Sight is for unwinding, reflecting and relaxing. It’s the last song that you play before turning off all the lights in your house. Coming in at 6:44, it’s a little longer than your typical lane 8 song.

Alpha 9 – All That I Can
New one from Arty’s progressive trance alias. “And I’m giving you all that I can. And I’m living to all of your plans.” Groovy and funky describes this one best. All That I Can feels like a shoutout to the late 70’s period of music, but with a 2020 approach to production. On repeat.

Thank you I_O, Lane 8, Zhu, and Alpha 9. We have held onto our sanity thanks to musicians like them. Music will always make us smile.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!