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Mau5trap Prodigy Attlas Announces Legendary Live Tour

Mau5trap has had a knack for bringing in talent throughout the past year. From the likes of Rezz to the previously mysterious Attlas, young artists with unique techno styles are making their way to the forefront. When Attlas first emerged as a rising artist, many mistakenly thought that this was a side project for Deadmau5, due to the melodic and artistic style that Attlas has. The Canadian DJ gained recognition through his Siren EP at the end of last year, and has grown immensely as an artist since then.

In February, Attlas’ showed us his true creative talent with the Storyline: Vol 1 mix. The mix consists of the same title as his recently announced live tour, so we can only hope that the tour has a similar essence. Storyline: Vol 1 consists of a mixture of melodic techno, film and audio clips. With clips from different genres of movies including the 2015 horror film It Follows and the 1984 movie Paris, Texas, Attlas uses diverse techniques to create something magical. Each audio clip connects to the songs that are to come, and it truly shows Attlas’ attention to detail and craft. Attlas continued to illustrate his creative style when Bloom EP released worldwide in July. The album is aesthetically beautiful, sticking to his story-like, cinematic techniques. The young artist’s remix of Strobe released a few months later, conveying that Attlas’ notable style is a force to be reckoned with.

Attlas plays a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, trumpet, and more. His vast interests and array of musical abilities will definitely make the Storyline Live Tour an alluring, expressive journey. We are lucky enough to get two stops in the northwest on this tour, in Vancouver and Seattle. The Vancouver performance will be at Fortune Sound Club on Saturday, December 3. It’s an early show, as doors open at 7 PM. You can get tickets here for $14.62 USD ($19.60 CAD) after taxes.

The following night, Attlas will be traveling to Seattle to perform at the Barboza. This is also an earlier show, with doors opening at 8 PM. You can get tickets here for $12.85 after taxes. Both stops in the northwest are at smaller venues, which will make for a truly unique and intimate live performance. Attlas is an interesting artist, and we suggest taking the time to read up on some interviews to fully understand his style, attention to detail, and musical techniques. We can only anticipate that Attlas’ Storyline Live tour will be as cinematically beautiful and artistic as the mix.

Which performance will we be seeing you at? Let us know in the comments below!


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