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REZZ Mesmerizes Us With ‘Something Wrong Here’ (Review)

rezz something wrong here
Something Wrong Here album cover

Isabelle Rezazadeh aka REZZ has quickly emerged as a driving force in the electronic dance music scene this year. The young artist is best known for her dark techno and unique live performances. After the release of The Silence is Deafening EP on mau5trap records, Rezz marked her distinct sound. Her basis of creating  mesmerizing, hypnotic tracks has captured audiences across the globe.

Well, our Shambhala favorite has done it again. Her newest EP Something Wrong Here captures the dark, industrial techno style that we love. Its tracks have an unsettling, yet beautiful sound that make REZZ stand out above the rest.

Purple Gusher starts our journey through the EP with a tenebrous instrumental track. Its plucky melody and eerie notes reflect REZZ’s style. The dark synth, staccato stabs, and marching beat make us feel as if the track is preparing to put us in a hypnotic state. This original sound sets the tone for the rest of the heavy album.

The following song, Selector, hits us straight in the feels. The heavy, wobbly synthetic bass gives us instant nostalgia of REZZ dropping this track at Shambhala. The whole crowd immediately began headbanging as the heavy drop enveloped us and rainbow lasers were going off at the Pagoda. REZZ’s simplicity revs up the song to show the rawness of her sound.

REZZ switches things up with her next track Melancholy. She features vocalist Laura Brehm to add somber, beautiful lyrics to the EP. The acoustic guitar in the beginning sets us up for the heavy drumline of the chorus. Brehm was handpicked by REZZ to create a track that was true to REZZ’s techno production. The end result is a collaboration that resonates with pure, vocal perfection.

Cryptic gives a grim, horror movie-like element that rings true to the title of the song. This track demonstrates REZZ’s innovative grimy bass spectrum. It’s muted bass tones and scattered rhythms give us an abrasive, but boisterous melody that transitions smoothly into the next song.

Rezz first featured Voice In The Wall on mau5trap’s We Are Friends, Vol. 5. This track features Rezz’s stylistic shuffling synths and fervid drum pattern. The haunting bell and alien sounding motifs blend well with the mesmerizing melody.

The final song of the EP, Paranoid, brings Something Wrong Here to a mysterious, yet fitting close. The discordant melody brings a murky ambiance that builds anticipation for the frenetic drop. Its battering drum line causes the bass to resemble a beating heart, which fits with the sounds of sirens throughout the track. The ending keeps us craving for more, and we can’t wait to see what REZZ will produce next.

We are lucky enough to see REZZ in the region again so soon after her northwest appearance at Shambhala. She put on a dark, engaging performance at Blueprint’s 19th Anniversary Show on October 8th, and continued capturing the audience at the Celebrities after party. REZZ is also performing a sold out show at Foundation with Malaa for the Lunatics Tour on October 15th. We can only imagine the dark techno and deep house madness that will ensue that evening. Will we be seeing you at Foundation on October 15th?

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