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Back To The Phuture: Phutureprimitive Finds Beauty In Seattle

phutureprimitive 2015 event

On December 10th at Neumos in Seattle, Synchronize put on a mind-melting show featuring Hz Donut, Phutureprimitive, and Bass Physics. Though there was a slightly late start (according to a conversation with a security guard, there had been travel delays) the show kicked off with Hz Donut, and all we can say there is that the magic was truly in the whole.

From start to finish his set had people moving and grooving. Near the end of his set he had sampled Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight perfectly, which made the excitement in the air palpable, perfectly primed for whoever followed. And surprisingly rather than close, Phutureprimitive started his set next.

Opening with intense iris and fractaling eye visuals, thath fractaled into other forms throughout the set, Phutureprimitve started off with an entrancing sound. The only word we had to describe the sound was simply immense. Other words like “non-stop” or “truly electric” came to mind later. Keeping the pace that was left to him, Phutureprimitve kept the vibes going and continued to bring it, bringing the house down when he dropped his popular remix of Mad World.  [pullquote align=”right”]”I dream of a society where we create more than we consume.”[/pullquote]

But the thing that brought clarity to this mad, mad, mad, mad world was when Phutureprimitve had lowered the volume of the decks and spoke into the microphone

And as quick as he came, on he left, and Bass Physics had taken the stage. The group had someone manning the decks while the other was on a keyboard-looking piece of hardware. They had some hip hop sampled into their set, as well as the classic Jump Around by House of Pain. But the thing that made their performance stand out was when one of the group hopped on the electric guitar. It was at that moment that we were oddly moved by the performance. But, as stated earlier, the magic was in the whole. It was the combination of all these musicians and artists coming together that made the night perfect.

On the upper level of the venue there were a few vendors with various goods like crystal pendants and other related trinkets, as well as tapestries and tie-dye done by Cosmic Cove. There was an artist doing a live painting as well which was truly mesmerizing. As the night was full of meeting new beautiful individuals there were also old acquaintances as well.

We might add as concert goers, we hadn’t danced as hard as we did that night as we have in a long while. Here at DMNW we are excited to catch more shows put on by Synchronize. Can’t wait for January! The Search for Beauty was over, we found it, and it truly was incredible.


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