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Find your new favorite artist: Petit Biscuit

By Petit Biscuit

In French if a word ends in a consonant then it becomes silent. For example in French and according to the international phonetic alphabet the word Petit Biscuit would be pronounced as pəti biskɥi. The final consonant “t” is silent. He initially got his start in 2016 as a 16 year old with his self titled EP Petit Biscuit.

Petit Biscuit is 19 years old. According to his Spotify “About” section the Frenchman is an independent artist. In the music industry an independent artist is a musician who is not attached to any record label. They don’t have a contract. His anthem Sunset Lover, has gathered over 390 million Spotify Streams. Petit Biscuit owns the majority, if not all of that stream revenue.

Petit Biscuit and his Music

It is time to dive into the music. What genre is Petit Biscuit? Critics have loosely defined him as tropical house. While there are similarities between him and Kygo, we think that his music is closer related to Odesza. Both Odesza and Petit Biscuit prefer performing live instead of DJing, and their music isn’t as dependent on drops.

Recently late at night we pressed play on his album, Presence, for the first time. We were unable to fall asleep until we heard every song on the album. Petit Biscuit created Presence at the young age of 17. The 14 track album explores natural landscapes and phenomena with song titles such as Waterfall, Ocean, Gravitation and of course Sunset Lover was included.

Our favorite aspect of Presence is the positive feelings that the album evokes. His music is soul healing. We could think of multiple situations were this album is the right choice. Imagine it’s 2:00 pm in the Gorge Amphitheater Campground. This relaxing and upbeat album would be perfect for getting your group ready for a beautiful day.

Interested in other listening material besides album work? His four recent singles, We Were Young, Wide Awake, and Suffer | Safe are available on Spotify. Watch Petit Biscuit cover 1901 by Phoenix on Triple J Radio. There are also full length performances by Petit Biscuit on YouTube! He performed a full concert in professional quality at the largest airport in France.

What do you think of Petit Biscuit? Had you heard of him before??Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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