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‘Birds of Prey’ soundtrack a treat for electronic music fans

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If you haven’t listened to the ‘Birds of Prey’ soundtrack yet, you’re missing out on one of the greatest movie soundtracks in recent history, especially for electronic music aficionados.

Who’s on the track list?

Only an impressive selection of all-female artists!

The soundtrack includes heavy hitting tracks from stars like Megan Thee Stallion, and Halsey. Leading up to the album release, a slew of songs were released as singles with their own music videos such as Doja Cat’s Boss Bitch, Charlotte Lawrence’s Jokes On You, and Saweetie & GALXARA’s Sway With Me. Apparently an organized marketing strategy, the project marks a unique collaboration between the film and music industries.

Moreover, the selection of lesser known artists featured on the soundtrack includes some of the best up and coming female music producers in the electronic scene today.

For example, local favorite WHIPPED CREAM, aka Caroline Cecile, hails from Vancouver Island and took the #2 slot on the album. Her contribution, along with tracks from K.Flay and Sofi Tukker, invigorate the soundtrack with a variety of fresh voices.

The way each artists’ distinct style stands out, while the soundtrack as a whole plays cohesively, thoroughly impressed us.

Check out the complete track list below:

  1. Doja Cat – “Boss Bitch”
  2. Whipped Cream (feat. Baby Goth) – “So Thick”
  3. Megan Thee Stallion & Normani) – “Diamonds”
  4. Saweetie & Galxara – “Sway With Me”
  5. Charlotte Lawrence – “Joke’s On You”
  6. Maisie Peters – “Smile”
  7. Cyn – “Lonely Gun”
  8. Halsey – “Experiment On Me”
  9. Jucee Froot – “Danger”
  10. K.Flay – “Bad Memory”
  11. Sofi Tukker – “Feeling Good”
  12. Lauren Jauregui – “Invisible Chains”
  13. Jurnee Smollette-Bell & Black Canary – “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”
  14. Summer Walker – “I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby”
  15. Adona – “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”

Which songs should you listen to right. this. instant?

We were particularly drawn to a few tracks that made nods to the past. It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World (with Black Canary) by Jurnee Smollette-Bell, and Hit Me With Your Best Shot by ADONA put a modern twist on classic tunes.

These tunes ground the soundtrack in a real world struggle for female empowerment. In response, ADONA gave these themes a new emotional intensity in her remake. Her skill for captivating exaggeration might explain why her songs have been frequently featured in TV and film, including Lucifer, Pretty Little Liars, and Batwoman.

How in the world did the ‘Birds of Prey’ soundtrack happen?

‘Birds of Prey’ responds to a trend for increasing care and attention towards killer soundtracks. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Kevin Weaver, head of Atlantic Records’ West Coast division, tells how the soundtrack came together.

Working together with Margot Robbie and director Cathy Yan, he formed a creative vision for the soundtrack and pitched the idea of an all female album to compliment the films female talent. He worked with each artist to ensure the soundtrack was cohesive:

Soundtracks are a rare kind of medium where people still consume them as a whole, versus piecing off tracks in a single listen. And so it’s very important to me that that body of work has a through-line to it.

– Kevin Weaver

Looking past the hype and star power of the ‘Birds of Pray’ soundtrack, the quality of the final product truly captured our attention. Both powerful and dynamic, the final album is one that we believe deserves repeat listens.

What do you think of the ‘Birds of Pray’ soundtrack? Let us know in our comments section on Facebook, and Twitter!

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