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A Night at Church on the Black Tiger Sex Machine: Midnight Terror Tour

After making their Shambhala debut earlier this summer, and a heavy performance at Paradiso, Black Tiger Sex Machine continued their reign of bass upon the Pacific Northwest with their Midnight Terror Tour. Featuring a custom-built stage, newly programmed helmet, and support from the likes of Kai Wachi, Lektrique, Yookie and more, the Midnight Terror Tour was a basshead’s dream. With several stops across the PNW, there were plenty of opportunities for fans to catch the masked trio.

We first caught the Midnight Terror Tour in Vancouver for a sold out night at Venue with support from Lektrique. Lektrique warmed up the room with his original sound and dished out a solid set of electro-bassy goodness. The 25 year old Belgian and Kannibalen Records label mate was a great choice to support the tour. With several collaborative tracks with BTSM, Lektrique was quite familiar with the crowd and set the tone for the beginning of the night.

The short break before BTSM took the stage quickly ended with the crowd chanting “B-T-S-M”! Although we’d seen previews of the stage and a teaser of what to expect, nothing really prepared us for what was about to go down. It felt like Shambhala all over again, and before dropping the first track, the phrase “Who’s ready to relive Shambhala?!” was yelled and the crowd went wild. The energy in the air felt just the same as it did back on the farm, and at this point, the entire stage production was in full swing and it was nearly impossible to stand still.

The next 90 minutes included almost every BTSM original, remix, and collab we could have wished for. These guys have found a way to take their performance to the next level by not only performing live, but controlling their light cues all while mixing at the same time. We really appreciated moments when the stage lights would sync with the helmets or the subtle flashes of text across the screen. Certainly no Paradox or Cube 2.1, but still a great example of what’s possible when performers bring along their own production.

The set finally came to an end with the guys removing their helmets and coming down to the crowd for high-5s and photos. A second wave of “B-T-S-M!” chanting was followed by another few tracks played out and one last mosh pit. After their set we had a bit of time to chat with the guys and hear about the tour, their summer, and their fans.

One thing we’ve noticed is just how involved BTSM is with their fan base. The group stays highly active on social media and continually posts to their BTSM Church FB group, and after watching them take the time to say hi and get plenty of group photos during the meet-and-greet, it’s clear how much they value their fans. Before we left we made sure to ask them about their summer and which festival was their favorite. It wasn’t hard to believe when Julien Maranda responded with “Shambhala”. When asked why he simply said “There’s just nothing else that really compares”.

The Midnight Terror Tour continued on to Spokane, Seattle and Portland, and delivered each night. The combination of live performances, stage presence, and exciting production really made for a memorable show. While we’ll always enjoy catching our favorite artist in any capacity we can, tour stops that include production will always be one of our favorites. The ability to present their music how they wish while accompanying with stunning visual production really allows for a truly immersive experience.


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!