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DMNW Q&A With Canadian Producer and DJ Conro

Canadian producer Conro is climbing his way up the dance music ladder. The Monstercat artist was born into a musical family, playing musical instruments at a young age which eventually lead him to find his passion in dance music.

Conro went through many stages of finding his unique sound and landed at a mix of downtempo and energetic feel. His song On My Way Up released in 2016 shows his new established sound to the world, and has reached over 3.3 million Spotify listens. From remixing hits to dropping original tracks, major artists are supporting this class act. We had the opportunity to interview Conro; check out what he had to say.

DMNW: Ultra chose your remix of Something About You to be their 2016 anthem, what was it like for you?

Conro: It was an amazing experience! I felt very privileged to get the opportunity and glad the song turned out so well!

DMNW: Speaking of festivals, you are playing at Tomorrowland 2017! Are you nervous about playing there for the first time? How have you prepared?

Conro: YES! I’m so excited and definitely a little nervous. I have been preparing my set and thinking about how I want it to turn out, I think it will have loads of energy and lots of new music!

DMNW: Who would you say are some of the artists that inspired your new sound?

Conro: I love artists like Louis The Child, Odesza, NomBe, Porter Robinson and Grey (just to name a few). They always get me excited about music when I listen to them.

DMNW: You’ve released several impressive remixes. When it comes to remixing music, how do you choose which songs to use?

Conro: I have done remixes based on which artists I love and feel inspired by! I have reached out to many artists and sometimes they reach out to me and ask me for me to remix something! Depends, either way, I love remixing songs that inspire me.

DMNW: Your new song Lay Low featuring David Benjamin, how did this collaboration come to be?

Conro: I met with David at ADE last year and we really hit it off. We connected really well playing the guitar and jamming, and that turned into the first ideas for ‘Lay Low’. We just jammed on the guitar and piano for the whole session and after I went home and put the ‘Conro spin’ on it!

DMNW: Who would you like to collab with in the near future?

Conro: Would love to work with ‘Grey’ They are so talented and have a really cool and admirable sound!

DMNW: The dance music world is challenging at time, what has been some of the biggest struggles so far in your career?

Conro: It is a very difficult career to break into, so there are so many parts of it I have struggled with! I think the hardest struggle to date is when I was so broke financially trying to be a musician! I really felt down and out at times because at the beginning, I just had no money but I was working so hard. But you push through and things start to make more sense and cents! Haha

DMNW: Switching to something fun, what has been your favorite/ best memory since being a DJ in the dance music community?

Conro: I have had some amazing memories meeting loads of new people at shows, dancing and being a goof on stage. I really enjoyed my last show in Rotterdam, there was a couple who showed up with signs saying ‘Conro is love, Conro is life, I want Conro to be my wife’ hahah I don’t get it but it is amazing regardless.

DMNW: Any upcoming projects and music that fans can be expecting from you? Shows in Seattle soon?

Conro: I don’t have Seattle on the schedule at the moment but I’d love to come back and play soon! I have a single coming out on June 30th and my EP is coming out soon after! Lots of new music! Can’t wait to show you all! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!

Have you checked out Conro’s music? Let us know in the comments below!

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