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5 sets to see at Oregon’s Cascade Equinox Festival

The first-ever Cascade Equinox Festival is going to take place this September 22-24 in Redmond, Oregon!

From the beautiful mix of artists playing on this lineup to it occurring during the autumnal equinox, so many things make this festival unique.

Throughout the world and in varying cultures and communities, there are countless ways to observe the equinox. Seeing the equinoxes celebrated through the prism of the electronic music community is a magical experience.  Dance music is such a lifestyle for many, and having a gathering that aligns with a major solar event, such as the equinox, adds all the more meaning to the Cascade Equinox Festival.

Cascade Equinox Festival Lineup 2023


A solar equinox is the moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator. It only occurs twice a year, and it is also when the earth is not due north or due east of the sun. During this day, which falls on September 22 this year, days, and nights are the same length. This also marks the official beginning of Autumn.

Aside from the notable artists playing, there are also many unique activities that this festival provides such as a healing sanctuary, culinary commons, carnival rides, and even beer and wine tasting.

After a five-year hiatus, this is one of the first festivals that Pretty Lights will be headlining upon his return to the music scene as a part of his Spaceship Soundsystem tour.  There are many notable artists that are going to be playing as well, from Tripp St. to Opiuo, Big Wild and more!

5 incredible sets to see

Pretty Lights

We would absolutely recommend seeing Pretty Lights. Not only is he a significant name in the world of electronic music, but seeing what he puts together post 5-year hiatus will be really noteworthy. When artists take a break from their craft, it seems to allow for them to refine their sound and bring fresh eyes (and experiences) into their music. Pretty Lights has established a dedicated fan base, with his track Finally Moving nearing 100 million streams on Spotify.


Emancipator has an extensive discography, including a recent remix of 9 days by Julia Church and Nils Hoffmann. Having been around in the electronic music scene for quite some time now, Emancipator is known for his distinctive ethereal and calming sound, and will make for a great live show experience. It could also be great to see his set to break up some of the heavier bass that will be featured throughout the weekend.


Having developed a grand sound of story telling and shape-shifting tunes to chill out to, Frameworks is another set not to miss.  All of  Frameworks’ songs boast a dynamic soundscape and with a large variety throughout their discography, it will be fascinating to see what this Manchester-based artist decides to put together for this event.



Photo Credit: Alexander Banther

The Librarian

The Librarian is also extremely notable within the music scene.  Coined as a “bass music legend” by Billboard,  she is known as a pioneer within her genre. Hailing from Canada, The Librarian is one of the co-founders of Bass Coast festival. She is an artist who is known for her forward-thinking sound. Not only that, but she has played several high profile festivals last year including Shambhala and Electric Forest. She is very thoughtful in her set curation and will surely bring her own unique artistry to Equinox.

Of The Trees

Photo Credit: Tessa Paisan

Of The Trees

In the past few years, Of The Trees has amassed high levels of success — becoming another rising star to take note of. With songs that are becoming classics fast—such as Harvest and Honeydust, Of the Trees is definitely a set to see. With his free-flowing sound, Of The Trees knows the perfect moment to bring in the bass. His blend of music fits so perfectly with the rest of the vibes and energy of the festival.

Overall thoughts

Narrowing down who to see in this amazing lineup is a near-impossible decision. We hope you are able to check out our recommendations this year at Cascade Equinox! This lineup contains a perfect blend of different kinds of bass music and is perfect for those who may be seeking a more mellow bass event as well. Artists such as Big Wild and Emancipator will uplift the energy, while other artists are going to bring filthy bass!

This is the first year of the Cascade Equinox Festival, which is being put on by the same creators of other notable festivals such as Gem & Jam and hosted by 4 Peaks Presents. This festival is in a beautiful location at the Deschutes Reservoir in Redmond, Oregon, and will be worth seeing every second of. Alongside the events and workshops, the river, and picturesque nature, there is surely something for everyone. Additionally – it is always exciting and memorable to see a festival in its first year as well.

Come close out the Summer and welcome in Autumn with a beautiful gathering supporting Pretty Lights in his return to the scene, and countless other brilliant creative minds at Cascade Equinox festival!


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Pretty Lights performing at Cascade Equinox Festival Pretty Lights performing at Cascade Equinox Festival

The immaculate return of Pretty Lights at Cascade Equinox festival (DMNW Review)


Cascade Equinox Festival Lineup 2023 Cascade Equinox Festival Lineup 2023

First annual Cascade Equinox Festival coming to Oregon this September



Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!