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Cheers To More Positivity: Established DJs Address “Negative Hate Comments” From Aspiring DJs

Lately I’ve been seeing more negative hate comments on every DJ’s SoundClouds, YouTubes, and Facebooks than ever before. Ironically enough, a lot of the people trolling and leaving these comments also happen to be aspiring DJs and producers themselves.-Henry Fong

Henry Fong took the words from our fingertips; we couldn’t have stated this better. Recently there has been a huge spike across the internet of negative and hateful comments coming to and from aspiring DJs. Our mission at Dance Music Northwest is to elevate dance music, so naturally we feel this is a conversation worth having. Our media culture currently sheds negative light onto electronic dance music for any possible reason. Why are some of the people trying to make it in the scene intentionally adding fuel to that fire? Harsh comments implying an artist should take their own lives or making posts publicly bragging about trolling social media to get recognition are a bit much.

Henry Fong Facebook Comment 9/2/14

Encouraging one another to become better, offering tips or tricks on how to get a drop to sound just right, or reaching out to a fellow DJ who is struggling, are all excellent ways to improve the dance music scene. Possibly, even network and become friends. It’s 2014, so most of us live in internet space and have at least a person or two on Facebook we have never actually met in person. Everyone has their own struggles in life. Why add to that with unneeded comments when someone is putting their best efforts into become an artist? After all, dance music has the unfair stigma without its own adding to it.

Any publicity is good publicity no longer applies. Working hard and proving your music is worth listening to is how to gain attention from those within your scene. Yes, making a commotion with the most unnecessary comments will get immediate attention, like deadmau5 does regularly. In order to make a lasting impression for years to come though, it will take hard work and dedication. In that case your name will be remembered long past the conversation at the most recent show. Deadmau5 invites a lot of attention with his opinions and he can even be rude about them, but he can also let his music speak for itself. Will Sparks, another DJ in the industry has even noticed the surge in negativity.

Will Sparks Facebook Comment 9/3/14

Being an artist instantly makes you a target for others to judge. Putting yourself out in the open with your music, writing or whatever craft you may have is intimidating enough as it is. It leaves you vulnerable, something many don’t have the courage to attempt already. Use your time wisely; spend any moment possible creating your best work. If it falls short, try again and learn from your imperfections or even reach out for help. Help yourself. Help one another. Help elevate dance music.

Its pretty simple guys, if you have time to troll and stir up drama, you aren’t spending enough time honing your craft and most likely will never end up successful. Sounds blunt but its the truth. Cheers to more positivity! -Henry Fong

Will Sparks, and even Northwest locals like Power Up and Suspect 44, also known as Luke Shipstad, all stand behind Henry Fong’s post that speaks out about negative hate comments. How do you feel about negative posts, people and situations within the dance music scene? Has this been an issue you have noticed recently as well? If so, please share your experiences with us and how to positively suggest critiques. Or, better yet, add any positive experiences you’ve had from aspiring DJs.


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Dance Music NW will notify you when there is breaking news in the Pacific Northwest nightlife industry.