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Datsik Accused of Pattern of Sexual Assault on Twitter, Responds…Poorly

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Fans and detractors alike took to Twitter today to denounce (and in some cases, defend) revered bass artist Datsik, after screenshots surfaced of allegations that he has engaged in an ongoing pattern of sexually-inappropriate conduct with fans before and after shows. The allegations appear to have begun with a Twitter user named @_princesssjay.

None of these allegations are known to have been filed with police, nor can they be independently verified by DMNW. What is known is that, shortly after the initial allegations surfaced, others have also come to the table with allegations and witness accounts of their own.

Datsik’s management did not respond to our request for a comment related to this story, but roughly four hours after promising an official response, one was posted to the official Datsik Twitter account.

At the risk of editorializing, our Team generally views this response as sub-par. Not only does it neither address nor deny the allegations explicitly, but it makes no mention of – or apology for – the very visible “cleanup” of particularly offensive past Tweets that happened following the allegations. Two below, in particular, refer to rape jokingly as a “struggle snuggle,” and point out that “Tulsa” spelled backward is “a slut…” just as the original allegations claim.

If anything positive can be said about 2018, it’s that we as a collective decided to wake up to the scourge of sexual assault and misconduct, in what feels like a new way. We are all responsible to speak out, productively, against sexual misconduct in all its forms. If these allegations are indeed true, they amount to – at the very least – a seriously damaging and irresponsible misuse of the fame and fortune granted to a select few musicians.

This type of behavior should be rooted out and destroyed wherever it is found in electronic music. Our response must be better, and our actions going forward must be better. Consent is mandatory, full stop.

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