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Enter ‘Achroma’ with Dion Timmer’s highly-anticipated debut album (Review)

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Enter Achroma, Dion Timmer’s debut album, has finally released on Zed Dead’s Deadbeats imprint. Fourteen tracks stuffs the Dutch DJ/producer’s creation, chalk full of floating vocals, glitchy synths, and rock influences. Such a bold exploration of sound is not common in a debut album, but Timmer’s willingness to artistically expand pays off big time.

Love at first (and tenth) listen

The first listen immediately strikes as a cohesive album, instead of a few tracks glued together in an EP. Themes of love and heartbreak color the album via emotional vocals, and punchy static-sounding drums. Dion Timmer’s imminent growth as an artist shines through every track. Reminiscent of his earliest footsteps into dubstep, like 2016’s Panic, I Don’t Miss You is a dizzying testament to his talent. With so much variety throughout the entire project, it could be your first or tenth listen, and you’d still hear something new.

Seamless transitions

One of the other standout elements is the mixing between tracks. The positioning of tracks throughout the album intentionally creates focal points to the soaring highs- and plunging drops. Previously released singles Violet, Companion, and Sanctuary each have a new context mixed into the whole project. Interestingly enough, Planar Shift ends after a Liquid Stranger-adjacent drop with a low blare which completes the album.

The almost abrupt end calls Timmer’s statement on the album to mind; that it’s meant to be a blank canvas for becoming whatever you desire.

Standout track: I Know You’re There

The elasticity of emotion from the album’s beginning-to-end has us hooked! Bubbly Companion is a feel-good hit of a love song. The combination of Sullivan King on Torn Up, and I’m So Sorry, with Micah Martin, immediately following, feels full of wist and regret. Angrier tracks like Violet and The Sirens, with PsoGnar, use cinematic buildups with electric guitar and a rattling machine gun on the other end of the spectrum.

The biggest emotional inflection point on the album lies in I Know You’re There. Opening with a hazy, lo-fi hip-hop reminiscent melody, and a slow drum, it’s immediately clear Dion Timmer poured his heart into it. As Azuria Sky delivers raw, emotionally charged vocals, this is an unexpected hit out of left field.

What’s next for Dion Timmer?

Following this stellar debut album, it appears the world is Dion Timmer’s oyster. Turning over a new creative sound, in every track is not an easy feat, but he makes it look effortless. We can’t wait to hear the next era of Dion Timmer, post- Enter Achroma. If this album has been any indication of what’s to come, there are big things in store.

Enter Achroma is currently available to listen to on all your favorite streaming platforms. Let us know what your favorite songs are in our comments section on Facebook, and Twitter!

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