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Diplo teams up with meditation app for new ambient album

Photo Credit: Shane Lopenges

Diplo is set to release his new ambient album this week, and he is getting help from the health and meditation app Calm. Fans can preview the first five tracks from the album on the app right now.

MMXX is the title of the new album, and it is different from all of Diplo’s previous work. From his country alias to his headlining DJ acts, Diplo is coming for us at all angles. When listening to the five tracks on Calm, you will recognize that all of the tracks are meant to help you relax, calm down, and gather back your mental awareness. The album features Good Times Ahead, Lunice, Mikky Ekko, and Rhye.

Diplo is taking an even bigger step towards the mental health initiative. All the proceeds from the album will be going towards the Beam Collective and The Loveland Foundation.  in the name of mental health awareness. You can read Diplo’s full statement regarding mental awareness and the album below from Instagram.

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First all the flights got canceled then schools, restaurants and shops closed.. slowly people or their family members got sick and lost their jobs and eventually we regained some normalcy but it was through the American way… A wake up to the racial problems that don't wait for a pandemic to slow down and in return protests and riots carried on as a last resort in search of some kind of change. Some kind of realization that made us feel normal.. I think it was a reaction to all the anxiety that we had to deal with this year.. 2020 was fucked. We're only 3/4s thru.. who knows when the aliens are going to arrive. This album is the only music I made this year .. it's called 2020. "MMXX" it's about being here this year. For me it's all I had inside me. I didn't want to have zoom sessions, I didn't want to write pop songs. I was just stuck in my house with keyboards and a guitar I barely ever used . I would walk outside Los Angeles and see empty streets and see nervous people and this is what I heard .. but to me this year isn't dark it's not about the negative .. it's about hope . We are all going to remember we did it together and remember what we take from it .. we can look back in a few years and say it was tough but I'm tougher… Everyone might need something different, you don't have to do it alone ..  mental health is something that we don't speak about enough. I'm giving to @_beamorg & @thelovelandfoundation because they can give you a little help where you need it most. I'll be donating proceeds of what we're making from this album .. also working with calm app because they can help find a way for people to listen to these tracks… Making ambient music might be a lot different than what you would expect from me but actually if you know me you probably know it's not. I hope you can tune out for 40 minutes next week when the full album is out but for now.. check out some of the tracks on @calm

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Diplo is not the only artist to release music through Calm — dance music artist Kygo has also utilized the app to release music. With an app like Calm, artists are able to reach a wide range of audiences that could be new to their music.

Mental health awareness has been a topic that has been pushed to the surface for the past couple of years and emphasized heavily during the pandemic this year. Dance music artists and music festivals have been vocal about the issue and how important of a topic it is to be recognized. With the passing of Avicii in 2018, the dance community has never been the same. The bond between artists and fans seemed to have been pushed closer.

With the current environment, we are predicting that more artists will follow the footstep of Diplo and release music in the effort of bringing mental awareness to the surface. We will be following the issue closely and keeping you up to date.

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1 Comment

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