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Knowledge Records : Local Label, With A View


Boise-based electronic label Knowledge Records is steadily expanding outside its Idaho boundaries, and into the ears of listeners all across the globe.  Though only officially founded in January of 2013, their knowledgeability and years of experience built this label for success – and it’s about to set fire at a moment’s notice.  With a set-in-stone belief system, zero tolerance for artist boundaries, and a promise to serve the music first, Knowledge Records is the future of astounding, innovative electronic.

“It’s like one big family with the same goal in mind: For all of us, including the label, to succeed.” Eric Harris, CEO

We had the privilege of talking to Knowledge Records, to hear first-hand of what it means to be an outlet for undiscovered, big-time talent in a rapidly growing music scene.  When discussing what a sense of “community” really means for a label – considering how far away from their artists they may be – we were surprised to hear that this is one of the label’s core values, and they create it as best they can with the resources available.  As CEO and founder Eric Harris puts it:

“Knowledge is a community – a community of artists, owners, fans, everyone.  Even the owners, like myself, interact on a daily basis with artists and fans.  For our artists, we have an online group were we can all chat.  This gives the artists a ton of options, from working with each other to getting tips and tricks on production.  Some of our artists are more advanced than others, and these artists take the time to help the younger ones.  This in itself is amazing!  It’s like one big family with the same goal in mind: For all of us, including the label – to succeed.”


“The characteristics we look for are a strong drive, love for the music and for the growth of the scene, a willingness to collaborate, and to think outside of the box.” Eric Harris, CEO



The sounds of Scissorhands might remind you of the eerie, hauntingly beautiful film scores of Danny Elfman. He is actually the main inspiration behind Scissorhands’ music production. Unfamiliar with Danny Elfman? Think back to any Tim Burton-directed film – Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory – the music that crawls under your skin and never relinquishes its mental grip.   That is the divine influence of Scissorhands’ music, but with a deeper, darker electro/dubstep twist.

Outside of his music, Scissorhands is just as creatively invested in his own self-marketing. He hand-crafted his own artwork for his music, as well as his own upcoming website, which will tie everything together as an entire artistic expression of himself. “It’s going to be a huge journey into his mind,” says CEO, Eric Harris. “We are very excited!” His next releases will begin dropping October 22nd, just in time for Halloween – a holiday that is ever-so-fitting for the music of Scissorhands. Anyone who listens can easily see Scissorhands as the next electronic figure of undoubtedly epic proportions.

Why Knowledge Records Loves Scissorhands

His inventive, imaginative production-style

His willingness to challenge himself, push the limit and ignore the mainstream

His music creates an entire experience; more than simple listening pleasure

Connect To Scissorhands:
Facebook | Website | Soundcloud


24-year-old Boise bass DJ/producer Jakzon has come a very long way since stepping into the electronic music scene just over 2 years ago. With an insane amount of drive, Jakzon sees every challenge as an opportunity; He looks to his Knowledge Records family for mentoring, and works countless hours to sharpen his production skills. Jakzon’s sound can be described as deep, heavy bass with incredible melodies. Whether it’s more of an electro house or dubstep track, Jakzon’s creative process goes full-strength into each production. His originals have already been featured on various electronic YouTube channels, and made the track list on the Electro Show Podcast.

His DJ career is also proving success as well, granting him an opening spot for Candyland and Rusko, as well as taking third place in a Global Music Community Competition. “Jakzon is very determined, goal driven,” says CEO of Knowledge Records. With over a dozen single releases coming our way in November from Knowledge, expect 2013 to be a major breakout year for this young, rising talent.

Why Jakzon Fits Knowledge Records

Very determined, goal-driven individual

Jakzon’s melodic bass production style is a unique, progressive sound outside of the mainstream

Upholds the Knowledge Records value of community, and seeks to learn or teach whenever possible

Connect To Jakzon:
Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


Dayne5150 Dayne5150 is known by the people in his community as the conjugate of past and present; the connector to the old school electronic experience and today’s progressing movement.  Since beginning his career as a DJ/producer in 1996, he has seen the immense growth in the scene, and has been a driving force in bringing the best electronic has to offer to his listeners.  He has quite the list of career notables as well, including playing alongside 12th Planet, Zeds Dead, and Donald Glaude.  He will also be gracing Seattle with his presence at Freaknight Festival this October. His unique production style is just what you would expect: An electronic fusion of traditional and futuristic sounds, unparalleled by most of what you hear today. In the Knowledge community, he is regarded as the invaluable mentor for the newer, less-experienced talent, and has every intention of keeping the core values of electronic alive.

“The feelings I felt, from ’96 on, will always drive me. Those feelings and moments are always experienced, over and over, by each new generation in new ways, at new events by new people. I believe it’s my job to help continue with that tradition, rather it be by DJing, producing or just educating younger generations.” Dayne5150

Dayne5150 is a proven leader in progressing the electronic movement, and not just through his music. He is also the founder and CEO of Knowledge Records – a clear explanation as to how and why this label has such a solid foundation of values and a strong emphasis in community. He is not only an experienced teacher in production and musical development, but regarded as a valued mentor in the Knowledge family, as well as the entire EDM scene. With exceptional knowledge and over twice the experience of most in the EDM community, Dayne5150 is the an excellent father-figure for the label and an invaluable asset to the entire growing electronic dance music movement.

Connect To Dayne5150:

Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Website


We asked Eric what the future holds for the label, as it is rapidly growing popularity outside of their own community.  We were once again pleased to hear that they had a thrilling master plan in mind…

To be at a level to where people pay attention to what we are about and to what our artists bring to the table.” -Eric Harris, CEO

“The future is an amazing thing to think about! The main goal for our future is to be at a level  where people pay attention to what we are about, and to what our artists bring to the table.  Electronic music has never been at its highest point as it is now.  For Knowledge, we love this.  This allows us to expand into areas such as artist management, clothing and events which, in turn, will give our artists an even bigger platform.  We have begun throwing Knowledge events, while booking our artists along with bigger artists.  We also have a clothing line called ‘Knowledge’ that is about to launch.  We have already begun managing artists as well.  [It’s] kind of like building an empire for artists; an empire of appreciation and music. 

When inquiring on upcoming Knowledge events, it sounds as though there’s a vast territorial expansion in the works for their community outreach:

 “Right now we have about 3 more events in the works for Boise, ID, and we have already set things up for expanding into the Northwest.  Also, we have teamed up with a special company that will help us push something very BIG in the Northwest in the winter..however I can not say more…”

.       .       .

Leaving us with a dose of suspense, we are immensely eager for the next music releases from the artists, as well as the events to come. With electronic dance music becoming more and more mainstream, it seems as though a formula is developing for a more “commercialized” expectation.  To Knowledge Records, limits and confined spaces for creativity are not conducive to mind-blowing music production. They have the a life-changing genre of music to uphold and a lineup of artists to prove it.  And with many major events sprouting Knowledge in the Northwest so soon, you best keep your eyes and ears open for the innovative, unbounded talent that makes up Knowledge Records.

Other Knowledge Records Artists:


Connect to Knowledge Records:
Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!