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DMNW Selects: Uplifting Trance For The Broken Heart

above and beyond and their audience making hand hearts

You know what sucks? The feeling of defeat. You invest your time, your energy, your heart into something…. into someone. Only for it all to get crushed. How do you bounce back from that? How do you bounce back from such heartbreak; from a loss?

We each have our own, unique way of coping with those feelings; some of us able to heal faster than others. In the world of trance music, DJs and producers have used their tools of the trade to uplift, creating spine-chilling tracks aimed to inspire and remind us to never lose love and hope when times get tough. While dealing with defeat is never easy, here are some uplifting trance songs that may providing healing and inspiration; lessons in love and hope that tell us it will all be OK.


Don’t Give Up – RAM & Chris Metcalfe feat. Natalie Gioia

One of the best when it comes to uplifting trance, RAM teams up with Chris Metcalfe and vocalist Natalie Gioia to deliver this beauty of a song. The action is steady in the beginning, but when the breakdown comes- goosebumps! The song title says it all: never give up on your dreams, a messaged reinforced by Gioia’s wonderful presence. “Even if your dream is broken, don’t give up. It’s not the end.”

Hope – Mike van Fabio & Alex Van Reeve feat. Geert Huinink and Kim Kiona

Huinink’s orchestral melodies and Kim Kiona‘s angelic vocals will send chills down your spine as this song inspires us to keep on pushing, no matter how hard things may get, no matter the hurt. As Kiona beautifully says, “let us win this fight, together.”

Saving Light – Gareth Emery and Standerwick feat. HALIENE

The first trance song to top Beatport’s Top 100 charts for the first time in over five years, Saving Light creates an emotion that feels better than almost all others: hope. The wish that no matter how bad things are going right now, tomorrow you can smile. The song pulls at the heart strings, and the video? Well, check it out!

It’s In Your Heart (Acoustic Version) – David Gravell feat. CHRISTON

One of our trance artists to watch in 2017, David Gravell ditches his signature progressive, big room style in favor of a piano, delivering a smooth melody that reminds to keep going after hope, no matter how foolish it may seem, or how brokenhearted we are. “So don’t back down, my love, it’s in your heart, it’s in your blood right now.”

All Gone (RAM Uplifitng Mix) – Andy Moor & RAM feat. Christina Novelli

RAM makes another appearance on our list- this time, joining forces with Andy Moor and famed trance vocalist Christina Novelli to remind us that when the lights die out, when we feel lost, to not lose our way.

A Thing Called LoveAbove & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford

This A&B classic says it best: “You live your life just once, so don’t forget about a thing called love.” Love is one of the most important and powerful forces we have in our planet. Don’t give up on it even when it may feel like it’s given up on you.

What song uplifts you? Trance Family, what songs should we add to the list? Drop a comment below!

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