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Eliminate and Shaq join forces on new dubstep single ‘Tear It Up’

Photo Credit: Disciple

Delivering both humor and filthy dubstep is Eliminate’s specialty, hence his latest single Tear It Up. This massive collaboration features Shaq, or rather in Eliminate’s own words, “legendary basketball player and international superstar, Shaquille O’Neal.” Out now on Disciple Records Tear It Up showcases Eliminate’s flawless sound design and Shaq’s outright aggressive styling. It opens with an awkward phone call between the two that ends with a devastating drop. Watch Tear It Up‘s comical official music video below, featuring all of Disciple vs Shaq in a blowout basketball game!

Shaq,( a.k.a. DJ Diesel), always brings his A-game when it comes to collaborations and Tear It Up is no exception. Whether it was his maniacal assist on Takin’ Over with Nitti Gritti or his wompy influence on Bang with NGHTMRE and Lil Jon, we’ve learned to keep our eyes on DJ Diesel where ever he surfaces in the bass scene. In Tear It Up‘s case, DJ Diesel’s booming vocals and combative styling are spot on. All due to Eliminate’s one of a kind sound design, melding screeching, metallic like synths that reverberate through battering kicks. This single rings true of what we’ve come to expect of Disciple, wildly high octane tracks that would go off in any live set.

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak and the following worldwide cancellation of events, Eliminate has managed to stay relevant within the music scene. Not only is he steadily releasing music, but he’s also growing his fan base, specifically his Youtube channel. In just four months of creating hilarious and educational music design videos Eliminate has amassed over 63k followers. Whether he’s taking a fan’s challenge request or giving a how-to seminar, Eliminate’s goofy nature is endearing. It only feels fitting for Eliminate to land a collaboration as huge as Tear It Up with DJ Diesel, as he’s poised to blow up this year with or without a festival stage.

What do you think of Eliminate and DJ Diesel’s new single Tear It Up? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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