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Yotto's "Growth" Album Cover Image
Credit: Yotto, Odd One Out


Yotto shows ‘Growth’ with deep, euphoric new album (DMNW Review)

When a listener seeks to find a state that is euphoric and ethereal, they won’t have to look much further than into the discography of Yotto. A renowned Finnish producer, Yotto is a familiar and much welcomed sound in the world of deep house.

This welcomed sound is nothing new for fans of Anjunadeep, as support from the label initially began in 2015 with Yotto’s debut release of Memento/Auzzurro.

Eight years later, Yotto continuously sets himself apart from other producers of his kind. An internal world is shown to us through the power of uplifting synths, emotional vocals, and hard-hitting beats. His new album, Growth is no different. Throughout every minute, the listener finds a new perception.

Yotto’s background in classical music surely shines through in his work. Like previous albums, Growth is not simply a cut and dry experience. Listeners sense his dedication to cultivating a unique journey. Pushing the envelope is a forte of his.

We all know that sense of euphoria at a dance music stage. “Growth” seems to project us there, even in the comfort of our own bedrooms.

Hard-hitting low frequencies push this album thorough it’s movement in time, while uplifting synths invite us into a feeling of bliss. We are shown conceptual variety that ensures a listener is never bored, and the ideas are never redundant. Whether it is a beat change, a compositional contrast or a unique soundscape.

Intro, the first track of the album, begins with a synth-heavy slow crescendo. A subtle signal to the listener that this album will be a compilation of different concepts. On the second track Hollow, vocalist M00NE serenades us with a melody that strikes a chord emotionally, a key signature sound of Yotto’s collaborative works.

As the beat drops, a retro 80’s synth begins, beginning to move the track into a dance-able and nostalgic nature. No Ending, also has this nostalgic tinge as well, stemming from the sense of longing in featuring vocalist, Julia Church’s lyrics.

The deep and sexy tone is out for display in the composition of Just Over. This track’s stylized percussion and floating piano keys instantaneously create an organic and nurturing environment within the sound design. The intimacy within this song a staple of the environment Yotto is exceptional at creating.

Let You Go, is a collaborative work with producer S0NIN and vocalist AunA. It’s a techno feeling, forward moving banger. The three artists display that techno doesn’t need to be repetitive, or lacking in beauty. A feeling of grit is introduced at the bridge of the song, creating a slow burning tension that ultimately resolves in a euphoric, yet darkly atmospheric tone.

It’s worth mentioning that Yotto’s collaborative works with S0NIN in previous years have been widely successful. Their two creative styles pair absolutely fabulously to create the intimate sound that deep house fans go crazy for. Some of our favorite historic collaborations with S0NIN include Hear Me Out, as well as a S0NIN remix of Skin, a Yotto & Laudic collaborative single from 2022.

Through a tempo or beat change, or a contrasted soundscape, the progressive and cutting-edge ideas are shown.  Timbre, Remember Me, and Encounters are the stand out pieces of this mood. Growth is closed with a more familiar sounding track, Rimini Trance Energy. A happy tune that creates a feeling of joy and decompression through utilizing more classic trance tones and concepts. It seems like this track is simply a smile and a wave from Yotto as he closes his demonstration.

It’s quite amazing that music can feel like “home.” Time and time again, Yotto creates this feeling so eloquently.

All in all, it comes as no surprise that Growth is exceptional at representing the musical variety that exists within Yotto’s creative capacity. We can’t wait to see what he does next!

If you liked the album and are eager to hear it live, Yotto will be featured this year at Above and Beyond Group Therapy Weekender – The trance group’s signature weekend festival at The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington. A host to all the best in progressive house, deep house, trance and techno. We hope to see you there!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!