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Anjunadeep’s Marsh on touring, new music, and using social media to grow (Interview)

It’s always great to see an artist we love with a jam-packed tour schedule. Anjunadeep artist Marsh is hitting the road this summer, and we’re happy to see he will be spending some time in Washington in July.

Marsh will be at Q Nightclub for the Anjunadeep Weekender Warm-Up Party Thursday, July, 21 and then will trek to The Gorge for a Sunday, July 24 performance at Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy Weekender.

Below we catch up with Marsh and hear about how the road has been treating the UK-bred, US-based producer and DJ.

Credit: Marsh

Marsh’s schedule this year is loaded week-in and week-out. He’s booked worldwide throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and South America, playing at esteemed venues like Printworks London and Brooklyn Mirage, as well as major festivals like Beyond Wonderland and Amsterdam Dance Event.

“I’m essentially booked every Friday and Saturday for the foreseeable rest of the year with some mid-week festival performances in between,” he shared.

Marsh expressed how thankful he is that shows and festivals are back in full swing, but the physical and mental toll that traveling can have is something he is still navigating. He’s learning how to keep sane through the emotional rollercoaster of touring.

“It’s interesting being in front of hundreds of people in the club environment with that kind of adrenaline and energy, then going back to your hotel and to the airport and realizing how quiet it is because it’s just you. Quite a stark contrast in short amount of time. I haven’t even processed all that energy from my show and then bam, it’s on to the next city already.”

What has helped Marsh the most on tours is hanging out with fans and friends he’s made in the cities he’s visited. His favorite moments of touring are the ones he can spend before or after shows with those that support him.

“The opportunity to hang out with these people is really re-energizing and loads of fun for me. It really helps keep the energy and momentum going. I’ve even created true, lasting friendships as a result of all of this. I appreciate you all!”

We also touched on social media, which has helped Marsh create further connections with his fans. Marsh adapted well during the pandemic by launching a widely popular weekly Twitch mixing stream. He’s also recently launched a Youtube channel, which will serve as a live-recorded set project in unique locations throughout the world.

“I think it’s absolutely necessary to use social media today to stay relevant as a musician; it’s a tool for me. Managing social media is a job in itself and it’s not always easy, but it’s aided me and my music in so many ways. For instance, my Seven Sisters set was done by someone who was skilled at videography that simply reached out to me via Instagram.”

On July 12, Marsh released a new two-hour mix on his Youtube channel, performed at 15th-century Herstmonceux Castle in the UK; link to his Youtube channel can be found here.

The inspiration for Marsh’s uplifting, bright deep and melodic tracks often stem from personal life events. His first album, Life on the Shore, is and ode to the beginning of his marriage as he made the move to America. The sophomore album, Lailonie, serves as a snapshot to various moments in a specific three-year span of Marsh’s life. His creative process still holds true today.

“To be honest, I just jam when I sit in my studio, mash on the keys a bit, no real purpose or sense of direction. However, in that moment, I feel a rush of emotions and am suddenly moved. As a result, I’m able to truly release my expressions and feelings.”

Marsh also draws influence from the sounds that he grew up on and that made him fall in love with electronic music: trance. He’s taken influences from early trance records from the 2000s and have molded it with his own 2022 deep, progressive sounds.


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We will catch more of these new soundscapes as Marsh has hinted at a third album currently in the works.

“Life on the Shore was chill, good for listening. Then I gradually became club focused. Nonetheless, emotion and soul has always carried all my tracks with pulls here and there from trance. I’ve been working on a track each week since January basically. However, I’m looking to make a work that isn’t just club tracks, sometimes that’s not always enjoyable for people. It’ll be a mix of stuff you can listen to at home but also in the club. Lailonie was somewhere right in the middle, but I’m looking to elevate that. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

What else is next for the Anjunadeep juggernaut? Marsh is an interesting point in his career. He’s already hugely popular and highly sought after, but he’s also at a point where he displayed that he’s ready to burst through straight to the top. With his current trajectory, he will soon be playing for bigger crowds at larger venues in arenas that hold several thousands and for taking on the even bigger stages at the world’s renowned music festivals.

“I’m so incredibly thankful and grateful for everything so far. It still seems unreal at times to think back even just five years ago, mind-blowing even. But the grass is always greener isn’t it? (big grin).”

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!