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Motivated, Talented, and Loving Life – Exclusive Interview With Miss Nine

Walking down the steps to the deep house room at See Lounge Lounge last Friday night I found myself nervous, but mostly giddy. How do you prepare to meet someone whose career you’ve been following for years? I held my breath and, as I rounded the corner at the bottom of the steps, I saw a group of friends enjoying each other’s company; chatting, having a few drinks and relaxing. At this moment I felt myself exhale and I approached the one and only, Miss Nine.

Miss Nine

Miss Nine at See Sound Lounge, Friday August 23rd, 2013.

Miss Nine, aka Kristin Schrot, is truly a world citizen. She started her career as a model after becoming a finalist in a national contest in Germany. As a result she ended up signing with Elite Modeling and moving to Amsterdam. In 2003 she turned her passion for music into her second career: DJing.

“I wanted to do this more professionally because I love music. Music creates memories.”

Striving for excellence Miss Nine maintains focus on one thing at a time; modelling, DJing or producing. Across each of these professions one element has remained constant: travel. In order to help her fans keep up with her on the go she’s created a YouTube series, “World of Nine.” In its third installment, “World of Nine” has showcased Miss Nine’s exploits throughout Miami, Dubai and now Istanbul. When she’s in Seattle, however, she says she enjoys eating sushi, walking around the city and boat parties.

I’m from a really small town…and those people just don’t know what a DJ is. So my mom said, “You know what, just go to a show and experience it.” So I took a camera with me and we recorded some footage.

Every day is a new adventure because you don’t know where you end up or where the next flight takes you.

Miss Nine at See Sound Lounge

Much like her real-world travels Miss Nine strives to lead the dance floor on a unique musical experience: “I like more genres. I get inspired by deep house, tech house, or chill house. So I always try to bring people on a journey. Start slow and take it somewhere.” Miss Nine has definitely taken her flavor of music worldwide, touring with the likes of Avicii, Tiesto, and David Guetta (to name a few).

Tiesto is still one of the leading guys in EDM. He’s always a step ahead. So he’s one guy to look up to.

When Miss Nine is not commanding dance floors, or focusing on her own productions, she’s at the helm of record label 925 Music. Founded in 2008, 925 Music aims to bring quality deep, progressive tunes to the masses. Last year the label held its own night at ADE, the Amsterdam Dance Event. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for a 925 event stateside?

Colours Around The World

Currently in the midst of  the “Colours Around The World” tour and having just released “Turn Up The Love” the possibilities seem endless for Miss Nine. Focused, driven and goal-oriented, she offers plenty of advice that not only applies to those looking to get into the music industry, but to those in all walks of life.

“I always have this drive…I always have this motivation to keep going with it and I think when you set a goal and you reach it you’re like, Ok, let’s set a new one and you climb up the ladder…I’m surrounded by good people. It keeps me motivated.”

“Be different than others and be natural…Don’t push yourself too much. Let everything go naturally…Let the music speak!”

What’s your passion in life? No matter what it is, get out there and get after it! #votemissnine
Nine Sessions on iTunes
Photos courtesy of Jive Photography


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Seattle raised. In love with the Northwest music culture. Techno & House head. Loves long walks on the beach, ice cream and Seahawks football.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!