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Bumbershoot 2013: 43 Years Old & More Electric Than Ever

Back in 1971 Bumbershoot was born, but under a different name. For the first two years, the festival was known as “Festival ’71” and “Festival ’72”. Once 1973 rolled around, the festival was officially named “Bumbershoot”. “The name was chosen to describe the Festival as an umbrella for all of the various arts and performers it encompasses.”

Throughout the last few years, it has been hard for anyone to argue that “EDM” has been on the rise in the United States, especially here in the Northwest. Last year, Bumbershoot embraced that fact and booked EDM superstar and multi Grammy-Award winner Skrillex as their Monday night headliner. He was a hit.

Bumbershoot 2012 8

This year they’ve gone above and beyond booking great EDM talent all across the board and we’re here to highlight all of those artists!

Featured in alphabetical order:


Just before kicking off his Immersive Tour coming mid-September, Bassnectar will be dropping the bass hard on the west coast not once, but twice. Hitting up Oregon’s Kaleidoscope Music Festival before a quick stop in New York for Electric Zoo, Bassnectar will jet back to the West Coast to grace the Emerald City with bass-heavy hits and a show that is certain to be unforgettable. New music is on its way soon, as his Facebook page perhaps you may hear some of his new works in his set. Until then, check out his Immersive Mixtape, available for FREE DOWNLOAD, and warm up your ears for Bassnectar’s earth-shaking Seattle performance!

Beats Antique

A mystical fusion of middle eastern flavors, electronic touches, and western folk finishes, this Oakland-based trio Beats Antique is in a class of its own. The entrancing combination of raw guitar strums and long violin notes, paired with glitch-hop and dubstep elements laid on a bed experimental, cultured rhythm is beyond comparison. Top that with a luring, sensual voice and you have Beats Antique at its finest. Providing a truly unique style and performance that pulls listeners of all genres in, Beats Antique is sure to be a festival favorite. Catch them for a sultry sunset performance on Day 2 of Bumbershoot..and let Beats Antique transform your audial imagination like never before.

Look out for their phenomenal future stage production and help Beats Antique reach their Kickstarter funding goal! Watch below!

Cookie Monsta

Cookie Monsta aka Tony Cook is a producer and DJ from Nottingham, UK who represents the loud and grimy side of dubstep. “If you crave the downright nasty dubstep then Cookie Monsta’s your guy. Packing a recipe of face-slapping snares, ground shaking bass and eye gougingly dirty synths … his sound resembles that of a demonic bass-saw that easily lacerates the ear drums of all it encounters. Cookie Monsta has gone from strength to strength, pushed the boundaries of dubstep and moved on into many other tempos of EDM. He has toured all over the world and is constantly in demand, due to his energetic DJ performance and a banger-packed set. All Cookie Monsta wants is to have a good time and he wants you to enjoy yourself, too; So let loose and rock out to Cookie Monsta this Bumbershoot season!

Crystal Castles

If you like indie-electronic, you’ll love Crystal Castles. Chances are, you are already familiar with the Canadian duo made up of producer Ethan Hath and vocalist Alice Glass. Their world-wide touring has gathered a tremendous fan base and their live performance is as astounding as their music is experimental. the duo’s inventive synthpop style and a rock-style vocal has left a growing impression on music critics everywhere, even scoring them the #39 spot on the UK’s New Musical Express journal’s “Top 100 Greatest Albums Of The Decade.” Their third album release in 2012 was nothing less; Crystal Castles is here to stay and to amaze. Find out what all the noise is about and be sure to add Crystal Castles to your Bumbershoot schedule!


Daan Romers (in real life) hails all the way from the common grounds of Breda in the Netherlands, which also happens to be the home of other amazing artists such as Tiësto, Hardwell and Funkerman. His journey began back in 2009 when he won the Dancetour DJing contest and had the opportunity to perform his own production in front of thousands of people. Soon after that he participated in a Funkerman remix contest and won, which landed him a safe spot on Hardwell’s Revealed Records.

Since then, Dannic is responsible for a countless amount of chart-toppling releases and has no intention of stopping. From mash-ups to high-profile collaborations, to tours and residencies in some of the world’s hottest venues, there is plenty going on in Dannic’s universe. But whatever he turns his hand to next, you can be sure he’ll bring his trademark technical excellence and propensity for catchiness to the table.


There’s a big sound coming out of Miami. It’s a loud, in your face sound with a hip-hop lean and sometimes a tropical vibe. It’s dirty, sexy and full of hype, and it’s called GTA. Producers without borders, the duo’s catalogue of sounds span the gamut without limitations. They’ll experiment with trap music, house, moombahton, funky electro, booty bass, salsa, big room, anything they can put their flavor on. With “Death to Genres” as their battle cry, their mission is to set the room on fire and get all the bodies moving, every time. Armed with endless creativity, a tireless work ethic and a fierce dedication to their craft, GTA are carving their name into the minds of dance floor freaks everywhere, and you can count on them to deliver the goods at Bumbershoot.


Drawn together by a mutual love of mystic paganism, the duo of Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser signed to Columbia Records in 2006. On a mission to sprinkle the music industry with weirdness and unpredictability, the band delivered their debut album, Oracular Spectacular, in 2008 garnering themselves three Grammy nominations along with numerous international accolades. Now performing live as a five piece, MGMT continue to entertain as their music melds everything from ’60s psychedelic acts to ’90s Britpop to contemporary rock. Their next album releases mid-September, so there’s a good chance you can sneak-preview their upcoming releases in their live Bumbershoot performance..and oh, what an Oracular Spectacular joy that would be!

Tegan and Sara

Over the past 13 years, twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quin have built an avid global following with their unique ability to bridge the pop and indie worlds. From being covered by The White Stripes to collaborating with electronic DJs Tiësto and David Guetta and being hand-selected to tour with Neil Young, their music crosses all traditional genre boundaries. Tegan and Sara charm audiences with their sharp, often bittersweet lyrical insights and crystalline harmonies. The duo recently released their seventh studio album, Heartthrob, with the goal to directly explore modern pop music. This perfect pair is a must-see on your list of Bumbershoot festivities.

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Seattle raised. In love with the Northwest music culture. Techno & House head. Loves long walks on the beach, ice cream and Seahawks football.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!