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Five Remixes That Are Just as Good as the Original, Pt. II

Here at Dance Music Northwest, we find adventure in looking up all kinds of music. From house to techno, dnb, trance, bass, and more, we are lucky to have such diversity at our finger tips. Admittedly, “Pt. I” included more mainstream songs, but in our second segment we delve further into the varying genres as we take a look at five additional remixes that are just as good, or maybe even better than the originals.

1. Techno (SNBRN) – Dr. Fresch Remix

This song is definitely our jam right now. Dr. Fresch’s heavy g-house sound continually makes us want to groove, and this remix is no different. SNBRN’s original version of Techno includes a sample from Eminem’s Without Me, but in contrast to the original, Dr. Fresch extends Eminem’s sample as the vocal intro. Eminem’s brash, hip-hop vocals set the tone for the rest of the track, and once the whispering “nobody listens to techno” rings in your ears — it truly begins.

Although he keeps the same 112 BPM, Dr. Fresch puts his own spin on the bass line, making it more complex, heavy, and yet somewhat funky. This electric ghetto house remix will surely keep you swaying from the beginning to end. As described by Dr. Fresch on the bio of Techno:

“I’ve been in love with Destructo’s ‘Techno’ since the first time I heard it – I think midtempo electro and deeper indie dance are taking off, and I wanted to give the original my own rework . . . I kept the tempo at 112BPM, but decided to get more complex and weird with my bass arrangement – I hope my Fresch Fam love this remix as much as I do!”

2.Try It Out – Dirtyphonics Remix

This remix keeps the heavy factor that is similar to Skrillex and Alvin Risk’s original rendition. Instead though, the duo starts Try It Out with an epic, anthem driven intro. Dirtyphonics focuses on vibrant drums to incorporate the the DnB beat throughout the breakdowns and lyrical elements, which makes the dubstep-robotic style resonate during the drop. The difference in speed also gives the vocal chords a more auto tune sound in contrast to the original. This track truly incorporates the styles of both artists, and has been a staple headbanging song in Dirtyphonics sets this year.

3. Fly to New York (feat. Zoe Johnston) – Jason Ross Club Mix

With the recent announcement of AGBT250 at the Gorge, it’s only fitting that one of their more emotionally pervade tracks is a part of this list. Fly to New York was on A&B’s most recent album We Are All We Need, and since it’s release, this song has been pulling at our heart strings. The Jason Ross Club Mix first premiered on AGBT146and later featured on Jason Ross’ Winter 2016 Mix, making this uplifting remix a staple part of the Anjunabeats sound.

Jason Ross puts his own spin on this track by including more underlying synths to the introduction and more epic sounding chord progression. The melodious vibrato of Johnston’s vocals transcends from the original to the upbeat club remix.

4. Gecko (Overdrive) – Matrix and Futurebound Remix

Oliver Heldens and Becky Hill’s monumental housey track Gecko (Overdrive) gets a stunning DnB adaptation that still rings true to some of our favorite elements of the original. The distinctive, reverberate, and deep bass line that we love in the original gets rework with a funky, eclectic collaboration of kick drums and symbols. Matrix and Futurebound speed up this remix to coordinate with their sound, while also seamlessly blending the two genres. Becky Hill’s powerful vocals continually carry the buoyant bass line, just as it did in the original.

5. Music is the Answer – Hot Since 82 Remix

After seeing Hot Since 82 on the Resistance Stage at Ultra, we’ve been craving more underground house and techno. When we stumbled upon this remix, it certainly seemed fitting for this list. With a title that rings true to every music enthusiast, we had a feeling we were in for a treat with this remix.

The Joe Goddard original is slower than the Hot Since 82 rendition, but the remix still carious that euphonious theme present in the original. Hot Since 82 gives it more of a tech-house vibe, focusing on the minimal, repetitive style. The British DJ and producer accelerates the tempo and extends the track to take us on a melodic electronic journey through the many reasons why “Music is the Answer.”

What are some of your favorite remixes right now? Can you think of additional remixes that are as good than the original? Share links to tracks in the comments below!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!