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Our Favorite “Stranger Things 2”-Inspired Remixes, Flips, and Mashups

stranger things 2

Stranger Things 2 is finally out and we know we’re not the only ones who couldn’t wait to return to Hawkins, Indiana. The show came back bigger and better than ever with higher stakes, new characters and, well, stranger things. If you’re like us, you already binged all nine episodes of Stranger Things 2 and all seven of Beyond Stranger Things. But if you’re still not satisfied and need even more Hawkins, we’ve got you covered.

Since the show aired, plenty of producers have put their spin on the dark synth theme of the show as well as other songs on the soundtrack. With season two, we’ve got even more strange tracks to listen to. Below we’ve compiled some of our favorite Stranger Things remixes, flips, and mashups to help feed your obsession.

Stranger Things (Louis Futon Flip) – Louis Futon

Louis Futon keeps it wavy on his version of the theme, with wobbly synths and deep bass. It’s a thoughtful well-executed flip that stays true to the theme, while kicking it up a notch. The track shows a lot of restraint and dedication to the original, while also showcasing Louis Futon’s personal flair.

Stranger Things (Voltaire Flip) – Voltaire

Voltaire puts his mark on the theme with some really cool additions that feel incredibly natural. Somehow, the track manages to sound like it’s own song while also keeping the integrity of the theme. The original is still front and center, but the supporting production really adds some fun dimensions and style.

Kids (Kapka Remix) – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein 

One of the more emotional songs on the soundtrack, Kids evokes a feeling of innocence, wonder and curiosity. The Kapka remix adds more layers of synth and drums, adding a sense of urgency and an 80’s arena feel.

Stranger Things 2 (2 Below Remix) – 2 Below

2 Below takes the theme not one step further but many, with dark and sinister production additions throughout the track. The most recognizable synth remains, tying it all together, but 2 Below’s work really shines. It definitely hits hard, and essentially feels like a much more aggressive version of the original theme (in a great way).


LICK takes the theme to a darker place, with hard-hitting heavy techno vibes reminiscent of Rezz’s style. IIt can appear well-constructed and patient, with moments of reprieve and thoughtfulness. Still, it doesn’t hold back when the bass hits and is one of the creepiest remixes we’ve heard so far that keeps the original very involved.

Stranger Things – Demien Sixx

Demien Sixx uses vocal samples from the show on his Stranger Things-inspired dubstep track. Grimey and creepy for sure, it’s one of the harder remixes surrounding the show and it definitely delivers. By pulling in so many elements of his own style, Demien Sixx truly transforms the Stranger Things sound on this one.

Strngr Thngs –  Iccarus x Ruxell

This spin centers on a more relaxed and contemplative pace than most of the others we’ve heard. It keeps us wondering what will come next and the second drop takes an unexpected but pretty impressive turn. It brings in a Legend of Zelda type sound that feeds the video game / retro theme of the show and track itself. From beginning to end, each decision feels both meaningful and intentional.

Strange Gambino – C418

Somehow, Childish Gambino’s flow over the Stranger Things theme is just incredible. The pace of the track really amplifies his diction and takes his rhymes to a whole new level. Gambino’s Bonfire lyrics are arguably some of his best, though his flow is always tight. To say the least, this is a combination we absolutely love.

Do you have a favorite Stranger Things-inspired track that we missed? Drop it in the comments!

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