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Five Female Artists to Watch Out For in 2019

The gender imbalance in the EDM Market is incredibly obvious. It’s important that successful women get the proper attention they deserve, and so here are five women who are actively fighting to balance the scales between their male peers. These five women — a duo and three solo artists — are ready to show the world that they are just as capable as men in this industry.

Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream is one of the most innovative Producers/DJs of 2018. After her recent December 14 concert in Portland, we have officially entered Cream Season. The Canadian-born producer has found a way to coherently mix dubstep, trap, hip-hop, and psytrance into one collective performance.

Whipped Cream displays incredibly high energy on stage, rivaling the stamina of Skrillex and Porter Robinson. She never seems to run out of energy.

Her performances at Shambhala and Freaknight 2018 were Pacific Northwest highlights. You will regret it if you miss an opportunity to see Whipped Cream play in 2019.

Evan Giia

Odesza has always been quick to find new talent in the faraway corners of dance music. With their label, Foreign Family Collective, Odesza have exposed heavyweights such as Rufus Du Sol, Jai Wolf, Big Wild, and Kasbo to millions of listeners. It is time to add another all-star to the list, in New York City’s own Evan Giia.

Evan Giia’s anthem, Westworld, has taken the world by storm since its March 2018 release. It has gained over three million Spotify plays in that short time. Her live performances are interesting to say the least, incorporating live vocals and playing numerous instruments.

Evan Giia’s career skyrocketed when she was invited to tour with Odesza for the Fall 2018 season. Her music and sound were exposed to hundreds of thousands of people.

We believe Evan Giia will be one of the most successful acts of 2019. Evan Giia has scheduled 2019 performances at music festivals such as Sundara, M3F in Arizona, Firefly, and two NYE performances with Odesza. Keep an eye out for new music from the singer/producer/DJ in 2019.


Next we have 24-year-old twins from Palestine, SimiHaze. Identical twins Simi and Haze recently graduated from the University of Southern California. They have been honing their craft behind a DJ booth, dating all the way back to when they were 16 years old. SimiHaze have played at a handful of major dance clubs across the globe.

These incredibly talented performers found a way to balance their academic and touring lives. With their recent graduation, they are ready to spend more time on their careers. SimiHaze gained widespread attention playing multiple shows at Burning Man 2018. Flume ended up being in the same camping group as them, and he has done his best to show as many people the power of the incredible duo.

Don’t take our word for it, check out SimiHaze for yourself with this live mix.


Kendoll is a true Pacific Northwest talent, and a recent graduate of the Icon Collective school of music production in Los Angeles.

Now residing in LA as her career takes off skyward, Kendoll’s quickly garnered attention for her massive releases on labels like Dim Mak and Night Bass, and her presence on lineups for our very own FreakNight, as well as Space Yacht shows, and Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas.

Check out her recent collaboration with VNSSA and her Dim Mak debut below.

What do you think of Kendoll, Whipped Cream, Evan Giia, and Simihaze? Do you foresee them balancing the scales with their male counterparts in 2019? Let us know in the comments on Facebook or Twitter!

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