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Trio of hot new tracks to get you through holiday week

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From a pile of 20+ new releases on Friday, November 15 we have gathered our favorite singles. First Lane 8 released the third single from his upcoming album. Whipped Cream debuted a hip-hop single featuring Lil Xan. While Oliver Heldens released yet another main stage anthem.

Lane 8 – Don’t Let Me Go

Lane 8 is cooking up some real magic on his third album. The third single, Don’t Let Me Go is an emotional masterpiece that is very danceable too. British Band Arctic Lake supplied the most beautiful lyrics. Later on the drop you can really hear how much Lane 8 is reinventing deep house. He knows how to make his fans jump and smile ear to ear. We would never let Lane 8 Go.

Whipped Cream & Lil Xan – Told Ya

Whipped Cream has been able to successfully release genres all across the Electronic Music spectrum, but this is her first shot at a hip-hop production. We honestly had full confidence in her abilities because of how much hip-hop she brings into her DJ performances. She completely won us over with her new single Told Ya.

Lil Xan’s exceptional lyrical work is further complemented by Whipped Cream’s production. They crammed as much energy as they could collect into the 1 minute 47 track. Similar to an Odesza, or a Pretty Lights song, the whole song is essentially the drop.

Oliver Heldens & Firebeatz – Lift Me Up

In 2017 and 2018 Oliver Heldens diverted from the original production and sound that he mastered in 2014. It felt like he wasn’t focused on delivering music that he was proud of. As a result he was releasing radio anthems, not dance music destroyers. Lift Me Up, and his two prior singles have brought Oliver Heldens back to his prime.

Yes Lift Me Up is still a lyrical track, but it feels like the lyrical tracks that Oliver Heldens made with Last All Night (Koala) in 2014 and Shades of Grey in 2015. The key is the production on the drop. When Oliver Heldens holds claims his dark house energy he is unstoppable. Lift Me Up is really a challenge to how high a person can jump. Prepare to be Lifted up by Oliver Heldens and your friends for the next few months.

What were some of your favorite tracks released over the weekend? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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