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Sullivan King performing with red and white lasers and foam floating above the crowd
Credit: Michael-John Aprahamian


Flurry of fun at the 10th annual Foam Wonderland in Eugene (DMNW Review)

This month, we headed down to Eugene, Oregon for the 10th annual Foam Wonderland at the Cuthbert Amphitheater. This one-day event has consistently brought some huge electronic performances to the Pacific Northwest over the past decade with the unique feature of spraying its attendees with water and foam shot out of cannons throughout the day of music. Hosted in partnership with Red Cube, the 2023 Foam Wonderland experience in Eugene was an experience to remember.

The weather was as warm as could be while we crossed the wooden bridge into the venue. Hundreds of people ages 16 and up lined the grass field surrounding the venue as staff quickly and efficiently got ravers into the amphitheater.

Food and drink vendors worked at light speed to serve the many patrons entering the sold-out show. As we entered the multi-tiered amphitheater, we took a spot on the grass and waited for the first act.

Decadon, Level Up, ATLiens, Sullivan King bring the bass to Eugene

Decadon was first up, bringing some heavy metal vibes complete with live guitar solos and some classic emo remixes. The booming subs and guitar licks quickly drew in the crowd as people rushed towards the rail for the full Foam Wonderland experience. The audience went wild as two green-suited men doused them with foam and water.

Decadon performing with his guitar as a rainbow shows through the mist of water being sprayed

Credit: Rachel Whitcomb

With the sun still shining and the show in full swing, Level Up came to take us to the next level. She played enough double drops and edits to make our heads spin, combing early 2000s punk rock and emo songs with huge breakdowns and bass drops. While Level Up was throwing down, the foam was flying over the crowd in huge waves of fluff.

The pit had become a sea of heads capped with froth as ATLiens appeared in their trademark silver masks and black hoodies. From the first beat to the last, neither ATLiens nor the foam cannons would relent in their bombardment of the crowd. The two anonymous DJs played tons of out-of-this-world edits and some devastating remixes from their Space Cathedral EP.

ATLiens performing while men in green suits spray the audience with foam cannons

Credit: Michael-John Aprahamian

To headline the show, the hair metal rockstar of EDM himself, Sullivan King, came screaming onto the stage as the crowd roared and cheered. He screamed lyrics and shredded through guitar solos over his songs including fan favorites like his 2021 release Take Flight. By the end of his performance, people were leaving the pit covered from the waist up in bubbles.

Sullivan King performing with blue background and waves of foam falling on the crowd

Credit: Michael-John Aprahamian

Afterparty gets wild with Codd Dubz and PhaseOne

After all the fun we had at Foam Wonderland, the festivities continued with the Foam Wonderland Afterparty in downtown Eugene at the McDonald Theatre. For this 18+ event, Codd Dubz induced pure pandemonium while he showcased his chopping skills and mastery on the decks. Even though most of the crowd was worn out with bubbles still behind their ears, Codd Dubz easily roused the crowd into a frenzy of dancing and head-banging.

To finish off a wild day of dubstep, PhaseOne wowed the audience with a set that could not have been heavier. His intense death metal influences and iconic song choices kept us dancing until the last beat.

Phase one performing at the Mcdonald Theatre with Red lights and light blue visuals.

Credit: Michael-John Aprahamian

As the 10th Foam Wonderland in Eugene, Oregon drew to a close, we were already stoked to come back next year. With a decade of shows under its belt, the 2023 Foam Wonderland delivered exactly as promised. This long day of foam and festivities proved to be everything that it promised to be and more, especially in the foam department. If you can’t stand to wait another, check out other Foam Wonderland shows coming to Texas and other Southwest states this year.


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I am a Writer, Producer, DJ, and Musician that has been attending concerts since I could walk. I have been a member of the dance music community for over a decade, and loved every second of it. I truly enjoy any music that invokes true emotion or thought from me. I believe in uplifting and supporting industry professionals and artists locally and internationally, and promoting a safe and responsible attitude for the dance music community at large.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!