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Sullivan King’s debut album is a headbanger dream (DMNW review)

Sullivan King x Show Some Teeth
Photo: Sullivan King

Sullivan King continues building massive career momentum with the release of his debut album Show Some Teeth. His ‘Thank You For Raging‘ tour is also currently underway- with about a third of the planned tour stops already hit. Portland and Seattle dates are yet to come, with supporting acts Lick, SWARM, and Grabbitz joining him at the Roseland Theater and The Showbox, respectively, at the end of November.

In anticipation of these PNW tour stops, we’re adding more fuel to the hype with an album review!

DMNW reviews Show Some Teeth

Show Some Teeth is a great example of what’s in store for Pacific Northwest fans at the end of the month. Coming in at just shy of an hour, Sullivan King’s debut album is a high-octane collection of absolute bangers featuring pristine production and passion-fueled vocal performances from the king himself. It’s no surprise that Show Some Teeth draws largely on Sullivan King’s love for heavy metal. His electric guitar is at the forefront of a majority of the tracks.

While most of the tracks fit perfectly within the headbanger scene, there are still moments of reprieve with slower, more melodic tunes and heartfelt lyrics. The song Ricochet, with vocalist Cayte Lee, for example, is a wonderful duet about losing oneself in love. Other songs like Solace take listeners into Sully’s more vulnerable side with lyrics about shattered trust and betrayal.

Hitman is the only song on the album that features one of his tour openers. In this case, SWARM steps into the production with his hellish sound design written all over it. SWARM’s hard mid-tempo breakdown melds perfectly with Sullivan King’s heavy metal influence.

After making it to the end of the album, listeners are rewarded with easily the most hardcore song on Show Some Teeth. Sullivan King goes all out on the song When Angels Die. Enough to satisfy any true metalhead, it leads with a brutal guitar riff, deep bassline, and in-your-face vocal screams and growls. Soon after, it drops into some absolutely mental dubstep, and we can’t wait to hear it live!

Overall, Show Some Teeth is an impressive introduction to the world of Sullivan King. The inclusion of his metal-influenced guitar skills also makes this a standout Post-EDM album. He proves that he’s a truly artistic force within the EDM scene. Most EDM producers focus on churning out singles for their countless DJ sets, but Sullivan King imbues his music with added depth and vulnerability. It’ll be exciting to see how his sound matures over the years. There’s no doubt that he’s just getting started.

Dive deeper into Sully’s world

Compliment Show Some Teeth with an awesome track-by-track breakdown by Sullivan King here! Also, get a better idea of what to expect from the live show. Check out this 30-minute recording of his set from Lost Lands 2019 below!

Tickets to the Portland and Seattle shows are still available, so get them now! And of course, stream the full Show Some Teeth album below!

What did you think of Show Some Teeth? Are you ready to rage at the Portland and Seattle shows? Let us know in our comments section on Facebook and Twitter!

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