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Meet Fractal Funhouse: Spreading Sparkle Magic Throughout the Northwest

There’s a few things we love about Seattle. Okay, maybe there is an enormous list of evolving reasons why we love our rainy city, but we’ll focus on what makes Seattle…well, Seattle. Stand on any street corner, and you’ll see it’s a whole different breed in the Emerald city. It’s a glistening, high-energy production, stitched together by a variety of  diversity – busy bodies radiating creativity and bringing their little bit of artistic heaven to earth.

So what makes our city? The people. One very special person is bringing his creative talents and glittering personality to the Northwest music scene. His name is Karl Funhouse, also known as the Sparkle Wizard, and he is the creator of Fractal Funhouse. His works of art grace the bodies of festival-goers and all the movers and shakers of the Northwest. He claims his customers come from a far away distant sparkle galaxy, and he has the best pants in town. We got a chance to peak into his personal world of light and love and discover why his creations are being admired by people all over the dance community.

Karl Funhouse - Fractal Funhouse

After joining the Oregon Marching Band and getting his degree in English, Karl Funhouse fell head over heels with electronic music (Daft Punk and Sound Tribe Sector 9 being some of the first). His sparkle adventures really began to take off after he had the epiphany that he loved sewing. Fractal Funhouse was born shortly after that. He has a home and heart both in Portland and Seattle where he spends time with his favorite people, sparkle clothing, and enchanting bass music.

“Fractal Funhouse is mostly about shining your light and letting other people know it is okay for them to shine theirs as well.”

In the electronic music scene, we know a thing or two about shining our light and love on others. We are one – we are here for one another.  We want to share our experiences and lives with the many beautiful people that walk in and out of our lives. Fractal Funhouse is about is giving people a way to express their inner light and love outwardly.

fractal funhouse1

Sweet, sparkly vests.

Karl’s cosmic creations can only be described in celestial – imagine riding a sparkly unicorn into a cosmic rainbow sunset all while glitter graces the tips of your fingers and toes. Shiny, rainbow tights and silvery fractal hoods are just some of the crazy-cool items you can find in Karl’s closet. If you think sparkling tights aren’t your thing, don’t be so quick to judge! Fractal Funhouse is built on open-mindedness and the crushing of comfort zones – any body looks good in sparkles. After attending  Sasquatch! Music Festival since he was a senior in high school in 2006, he has been attending festivals ever since.

There was one year in college when MGMT was playing and instead of wearing whatever clothing I had brought, one of the girls in our camp had a pair of spandex zebra leggings that I put on.  I fell in love with the freedom of spandex instantly, there’s just so much room for activities!  Anyway, after running around the gorge all weekend in zebra print form fitting pants, I was hooked.

His addiction to sewing started then as he made leggings and matching “spirit hood” type creations for him and his girlfriend to wear. After people stopped him to ask  where his clothes were from, it was then he realized there was a market for sparkly festival wear.It all really started when he discovered a massive selection of holographic spandex. Once he set eyes on the gleaming fabric, he knew it was his mission to put it everywhere! (Who wouldn’t?!)

One of the biggest joys in my job is watching someone try on sparkle spandex for the first time and watching their mind get blown with how comfortable they feel and how good they look.  It’s like an instant makeover and you can see their energy change.  Sometimes people just need a little encouragement to step out of their comfort zones and accept themselves for the beautiful soul that they are, and that’s what I’m here to do.  I’m here to show people what their fully galactivated selves looks like and open people’s minds creatively to what is possible if you step outside the box that society has created for us to inhabit.

As far as inspiration goes, it seems like the entire universe is Karl’s muse. From Burning Man, to loving friends, and amazing music, the universe has treated him well, and in return, Karl promises to spread his sparkle empire to everyone. We just recently spotted the Polish ambassador wearing one a Fractal Funhouse custom piece and damn, does he look good in it!  As well as the PA, Karl usually has Odesza, Claude Vonstroke, Griz, or Portugal. The Man playing in his ears, while he says starting his day with Nahko always makes him happy.

Fractal Funhouse

While the majority of his customers are friends, his business is growing. He is receiving orders from Australia, Germany, Canada, and Ireland. Sparkle warriors seem to be popping up all over the planet. Karl believes we are all on a mission here on earth: to help raise the collective consciousness of the planet in order to bring healing and awareness in this time of  global shift in consciousness.

“I think the awesome thing is that not only has the sparkle love revolution started, but it’s gaining momentum with every pair of sparkly pants that get sold.  When someone wears sparkles in public they are making a statement and that statement is SPARKLE LOVE!  People are really excited to be part of something that has really blown up over the past year.”

We are so delighted to have peeled back some sparkle layers and learn about how Fractal Funhouse is spreading love throughout every community, especially in the Northwest music scene. He continues to put his time, energy, and love into creating beautiful, sparkling works of art that will help us ban conformity, have fun, and be ourselves.


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!