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Rockstar Games is Bringing Nightlife to Los Santos in Upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 Update

Move over Vice City there’s a new sheriff in town. Rockstar games have announced a new update to their online gameplay of Grand Theft Auto 5, where players will have the chance to own and operate their own nightclubs in Los Santos as part of their criminal enterprises. The update is set for July and with it comes a whole new club soundtrack with music from the Black Madonna, Solomun, Dixon, and Tale of Us.

If you have played GTA online, you’re familiar with the endless customization options, buildings available for purchase, and the vast vehicle catalog. However, nightlife has been an elusive concept in the GTA universe since GTA Vice City was replaced; Vice City was a nod to 80s Miami with their colorful nightclubs and cool nightlife scene. The update from Rockstar is an exciting new feature because it will allow users to buy a club, customize it, promote it, and even choose their lineups- a lot like what a club owner does in real life!

What’s even cooler is the new soundtrack that comes along with the update; GTA brings the best of music with their various in-game radio stations. There are two electronic related stations in Los Santos currently, but their soundtrack is fixed, meaning the selection of tracks is small and repeat frequently throughout the game.

With a new nightlife scene launching in July, Rockstar had to bring music to match it. Having electronic music at the forefront of this update is exciting because it’s putting our type of music on display where millions of people will hear it whenever they enter one of the new clubs. But who exactly are the artists helming this project? If you aren’t familiar with the artists coming to Los Santos (and by coming I mean literally, as these artists will have avatars in the game that will play live on stage of the new nightclubs!), you can find out more about them below.

The Black Madonna

“A sublime technician behind the decks, The Black Madonna is known for fluent and dynamic vinyl sets, which span from disco to techno. And then of course, there’s her inimitable energy, an infectious joy and ability to connect with the room, which along with her skill has cemented her as a beloved regular and crowd favorite at revered venues such as Panorama Bar. Her DJ mixes for Beats In Space, Little White Earbuds and Bicep’s Rinse FM show remain highly regarded, selected from deep crates and executed with precision.

The Black Madonna’s catalog of releases/remixes includes labels such as Argot, Stripped & Chewed, Classic, Freerange and Home Taping is Killing Music. Crosstalk International described her “Lady Of Sorrows EP” on Argot, as “her most fully realized work to date — A great leap forward from the sample-clad disco house of her records for Home Taping Is Killing Music and Stripped & Chewed. Weaving live orchestration and irresistible synth lines through tough percussive frames, both tracks bare their souls to listeners with enough muscle to command dancers’ attention.” In 2014, she followed up the Argot release with two back to back EP’s. Both sold out immediately and remain highly sought after on the vinyl market.”


“2005 was the year that Solomun began producing music, eventually founding the record label, Diynamic in late 2005 with his partner Adriano Trolio, who manages the booking for Diynamic. The motto for Diynamic is “Do It Yourself.” Eventually, Solomun met H.O.S.H. in 2006, and that is when Diynamic kicked into full force. Solomun’s first EP on Diynamic, Solomun EP, came out in 2006. Since then, he has released many other EPs and compilations, as well as the 2009 album Dance Baby. In December 2010, he launched a second label, the more experimental 2DIY4.

Solomun kicked off the Ibiza 2013 season by presiding over the Burn Studios Residency bootcamp. Until the end of June 2014, he owned the Hamburg-based club Ego, co-run by his sister and Adriano Trolio. Solomun’s musical roots are in hip-hop, soul, funk, and R&B. His sound has been described as “house music, but with deep, ultra funky basslines, euphoric melodies and emotionally charged vocals”. In 2015, he was holding two residencies on Ibiza, at night-clubs Pacha and Destino.”


“In the early 1990s he began DJing under the name Dixon in Berlin clubs such as Turbine, Tresor, E-Werk and WMF. For several years he held a weekly residency at WMF with Mitja Prinz, which he describes a key experience in his formative years as a DJ. His residencies at Tresor, WMF and later Weekend Club all involved playing long sets. In a city known in particular for techno music, Dixon established a reputation as a deep house DJ.

Dixon’s global prominence as a DJ has grown over the years through appearances at clubs and festivals worldwide. He was voted No. 1 in Resident Advisor’s Top 100 DJ Poll in the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. In terms of style, German newspaper Die Welt credits Dixon with “bringing back vocals, drama and grand emotions to the dancefloor” after the electronic dance music scene was dominated by minimal techno for several years. Die Tageszeitung agrees that Dixon and Innervisions ‘changed the sound of Berlin.'”

Tale of Us

“This tale dawns in Milan, where Karm and Matteo met at a young age. The Lombardic capital will turn out to be the preface of their success story as they now reside in Berlin, their inspirational verge. Through a unique production ethos, the music of Tale Of Us carries an exclusive sense of both urgency and restraint, taking ample time to carefully pace both the listener and the dance floor.

Think: quivering keys, mesmerizing percussion and haunting chords, conjuring mystifying ambiance and suspense. This ethos culminates in their latest inception: Afterlife, an odyssey through the realm of consciousness. With multifaceted focus, Tale Of Us break poetic and emotional boundaries, bringing revery and awe to multiple scenes and levels, usually hemispheres away. Watch as this tale grows and flourishes.”

If you can’t afford a nightclub in real life, don’t fret, as Rockstar will give you the chance to live out a dream. Own and operate your own club, customize it how you want, and revel in the awesome musical soundtrack from some amazing EDM artists all from the comfort of your own home. You don’t even need to wear pants!

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