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Insomniac teases possible return of Middlelands in 2021

Middlelands, a magical festival that was part of the Insomniac family that took place in Todd Mission, TX, remains arguably to be one of the best fest experiences in the EDM circuit. From the killer lineup, to the logistics behind the event, to the very setting of the event itself, we were hard pressed to find anything that we couldn’t love about this medieval themed adventure. Unfortunately, some finicky neighbors decide to complain loudly and Insomniac was not invited back to return in 2018.

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??IMPORTANT @MiddlelandsFest UPDATE: Happy to say we received an incredible amount of positive feedback and support from attendees and many local businesses. Thanks and love to all of you! We did experience some issues with sound complaints in the community, but these are not problems that are isolated to our shows. These are normal growing pains for any first-time festival… and there are always solutions. I flew to Houston with the intention of speaking to the community face to face in a Town Hall meeting. To spend three hours on a plane only to be told on arrival by a TRF official that they were cancelling the meeting is disappointing to say the least. Despite what the media is saying, I showed up, as I always do. I will always fight to the end for our culture. This is not the end of Middlelands. We will be back! Here’s a pic of me and #RainbowAuroraRotella rocking out on the Bassrush stage!! #footloose ???

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Fans have been begging Insomniac CEO and founder Pasquale Rotella for years to bring it back into the summer circuit, as it has always been remembered as one of the most interactive festivals (quite possibly because it only happened once). In 2017, following the news of the festival not returning, he did actually hint at a return when he posted videos showing him venue scouting for the festival the following year, but nothing ever seemed to materialize from that.

But there is hope for every fairy and mythical creature out there, for it seems that on a new post on instagram, Rotella uttered the words that we’ve been waiting to hear: “very close, 2021 looking good.”

At the top of the list of our excitement, comes our admiration of the fact that Insomniac hasn’t forgotten this epic event and are still actively working behind the scenes to find it’s new home so it continue for years to come. Secondly, a 2021 event (come on, it’s only a year away) and if Pasquale himself is saying they’re very close, then we are totally on board!

DMNW will be here to provide all the latest developments on Middlelands as more details emerge and are officially announced. Until then, it’s a good idea to break out your best knight costumes and hone your LARPing skills now.

Did you attend Middlelands 2017? Are you excited about the possibility of a 2021 event?! Share your experiences and excitement on Facebook or Twitter!

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