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Jammin’ SoundCloud Tracks Under 500 Likes (Part I)

With the varying ways to produce music, it’s always fun to see the diversity of sound on our favorite sharing platforms. SoundCloud especially allows artist to be able to share various tracks, bootlegs, and remixes that may not normally be available on Spotify or Apple Music. Many of us enjoy finding new tracks on SoundCloud based on our previous interests. Plus, when creating stations on SoundCloud, it’ll sometimes include artists or songs that you’ve never heard of. We searched the depths of SoundCloud to find tracks that’ll get you dancing and grooving, with only 500 likes or less.

Servitude – Sound Remedy

We are surprised Sound Remedy is included in the list, but, falling in at 280 likes, it certainly deserves a spot. Servitude is on Sound Remedy’s EP Retro Core, which released prior to his final performance at Resolution 2017. Since then, it seems Sound Remedy has been active on his SoundCloud. A vast amount of songs have released on his page in the last two months, along with another EP. One of the playlists on Sound Remedy’s page is entitled “2017 = 4 Songs Per Week.” With this, we can assume (and hope) for a ton of new tracks from him throughout 2017.


We stumbled upon this track while on a CLOZEE binge. It happened to fall under the similar tracks related to her Shambhala 2016 set. For those that like a more psychedelic, trip-hop vibe, this track certainly encompasses that. Its eerie intro later develops into an overlaying spacey, bell-like sound. Red Light includes atmospheric techniques, but also incorporates an underlying psy baseline to portray a variety of sounds.

Open Space – F3N^2

This is a great track if you’re looking for something with an uplifting, feel good future bass vibe. Open Space begins with a progressive anthem and underlying drum beats, which have a variety of styles. It’s uplifting synths resonate with vocal atmospheric chords. The song also includes top snare sounds to accompany the advancement of the breakdown. While it may be only at 356 likes, Open Space will surely send “good vibes only.”

 Hostage – Bechara

Bechara opens with a blaring trumpet progression, which can make you think the track will have more trap elements, but it’ll certainly surprise you.  Melodic, yet softer sounding male vocals quickly overlay a rapid drum beat. As it transitions into the chorus, the song picks up to vibrant synths with a clear electro tap pulsating throughout. The fast pace of Hostage quickly resides to smooth piano sounds, only to get you up and dancing again later.

 Alien – Pizza Prophet

Okay, we first have to say the graphic design for this track is hilarious: an alien zapping his mojo to a pepperoni and mushroom pizza will definitely make the good times roll. Pizza Prophet states in the Alien bio that he released the song in honor of National Pizza Day on February 9th. If you are a fan of styles similar to EPROM, Space Jesus, or Liquid Stranger, then this is the song for you. It’s got a dark, space-bass sound and heavy lazer wubs blending with an occasional liquid progression. At only 42 likes so far on SoundCloud, we thought this track was a great find.

There are a lot of great stations to follow on SoundCloud that often share tracks with fewer likes. A few we can recommend are Dancing Pineapple (house/deep/tropical), Too Future (future bass), and DrumNBass. Not all of the tracks under 500 likes are the best quality, so when you find a good one it’s worth the share. Do you know of any other unique tracks under 500 likes? Share the link in the comments below!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!